Wednesday, 28 April 2010


i dont like to be alone..
neither the feeling of lonely..
it makes me sleepy..
my brain become slow..
i start talking with my ownself..
then start walking here and there..

i dont like to be alone..
neither the feeling of lonely..
it makes me feel..
that time ticking very slow..
but still leave me behind..
dreaming without nothing to do..

i dont like to be alone..
neither the feeling of lonely..
it makes everything become soundless and plain..
all the colours of life just fade away..
without beautiful sound of happiness and sadness..

i dont like to be alone..
neither the feeling of lonely..
it makes me feel..
like im acting alone..
without any co actor/ress..
in a movie of my life...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

+ve and -ve

Today i already sent my 1 week notice of resignation to my is kind a very hard and difficult to make this decision..but i just followed the flow since i already pray to God to guide and show me which path is better...i actually dont really have much problem working at my current workplace..with good environment, very establish profile company, and also with all the luxury car surround me..and also plus bonus twice a year plus annually staff dinner pluss annually company's trip .I am so jealous because dont have opportunity to join this company's what they told me this year they went to bandung and last 2 years they had a cruise trip!!!!!! and also this end of april they have karaeoke for all staff!!!

seriously it such a previlage to work there...but what can i do..after do all the pros and cons..i think better to accept this offer...let me list down why i think it would be better for me to accept the offer:

1.they offer me higher salary parking fees which usualy will cost me ,RM100-150 per month

3.the office is located at shah alam so i can cut down my petrol usage and toll!!

4.very near to my home so no need for me to worry about traffic jam and also save my time on the road the moment i dont know how establish this company are but they are one of TM platinum business for is enough to assume this company is an establish company.. before looking further details bout their profile..

plus bonus:

1.the office looks very nice,neat and seriously very cozy with gewd taste of interior decoration..

2.give me better opportunities to enhance my knowledge and also gewd for my career. is situated in very nice bulding..i knew it seems irrelevant but for me it is relevant!

people tend to judge things based on what they saw so for me it is important to give gewd impression...

4.i assume it has a gewd working environment and plus with good reference since my senior at UITM with 3 years experience working at Earnts & Young and also an Acca qualified is working there

hmm hopefully it would be a gewd decision..i am really scared in case it turns to be wrong..but i need to move foward and never look time to regret..and i also hope i can stay there more than a year.. to give a gewd review on my CV ...

do pray for me yeah!!

note: thanks to my mr K cause be my part time editor..=p

Saturday, 3 April 2010

dissapointed? yes...

what do you feel...when u really really waiting for something then it just turn out to make you dissapointed.. for me..i wont feel regret..but it hurts..really hurts..hmm sometimes things can be so complicated..beyond my power..beyond of everything..i think i need to understand more about all this thing..hmm...

Friday, 2 April 2010

happy =)

huhuhuhu! im happy today! i dunno why..but eventhough it is quite a very tough day in the morning...but then it just welll and fine after you know why i love accounting? i love accounting because i love numbers! and i have one ambition..i hope i can be one of director for public listed company..i know i can do it babe!!! i just love corporate sector! making all the strategic planning and decision..i know it is not that easy for me to achieve till that stage..but still it is not impossible.. i will try my best to do whatever it takes to fulfill my dreams..of course with ethical manners..i cant tell you people how lovely and enjoyable it is when u put an effort on something or looking for a solution to solve a puzzle then after few time u did it!! u know what im saying ryte? the feel of satisfaction and victory..

today i made one theory..people always make reasons in everything...whether u realise or not...there always lies a reason behind..but i dont feel like to elaborate it any futher coz im bit tired gewdnite...n thank you to all of you coz be so supportive by reading my blogs..

till then..have a sweetdream peoples!