Tuesday, 17 March 2009


its been almost a couple of month i didnt update my blog..babe...i really dunt have tyme even for my self..im too busy ryte now working n study..even its so tiring..im still enjoying it cz not need to worry bout my pocket money..but for the past 2 month..there is a lot lot lot lot of things happens..iza going back to malaysia..n left me alone here wuwuwuwuwwu really miss her damn much!!!!!! she is such an understanding frenz n she alweys on my side no matter whether im wrong or not...thank u iza..i love you~
im not working in pizza restaurant anymore..now im working at huhu ice cream shop~ whahahaha siyesly its utterly tempted with all sort of ice cream,lasagna,milkshakes yummy~ n waffle huahuahua but after 3 weeks working there...my stomach cant accept it anymore...muak~ huhu

hurm there is a lot of things need to be update..but still dunt have enough tyme for it..hope will update it soon...muuuahx~