Monday, 27 June 2011


gadis hilang

who ever find this sweet & lovely lady
please do let me know!!

28hb sept..
awk balik msia for good...
aritu smpai skg..
kita dok tunggu awk dtg balik..
kita dok nak keje ngan awk..
kita dok nak balik keje ngan awk..
kita dok nak gelak2 ngan awk..
kita dok nak naik tube ngan awk..
kita dok nak g primark ngan awk..
kita dok nak kira tips ngan awk..
kita dok nak gaduh ngan awk!!!

8hb oct..
pergh..rasa cam dah lama
kita dok sini without awk..
rindu gile la...
yg best nya..arini kita rasa kita jatuh hati ngan awk lg skali..

awk..sorry kalu xromantik ea..
kita nak kapel ngan awk lg skali boleh?!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

3.... 2... 1...

Hi All=)

there are a lots of thing i have been through..i am 24 now.. and i lie if i never learn something throughout those years.. regret? i'm certain i have few things i am regret of. if i never regret it means i have a perfect life which it would never be happened unless you are a perfect person.. and indeed i am 100% sure i am not a perfect person but suit enough to handle my own life.. giving up? Alhamdullilah still have strength to handle it.. happy? i am happy now at this point of time hehehe

ok.. i am a bit nervous now.. ehem A bit?? haha major nervous i mean! and excited too.. thinking about whats gonna happen next since i am already half way on the bridge.. crossing towards the next phase of life..cuak!

anyway.. i will share with you guys from A to Z my experience preparing everything! InsyaAllah... reason why i didn't post anything about it yet.. simple...because better wait and see the outcome first.. then only i can suggest to you=) maybe can help you more less and give better ideas to whom might need it..

lastly.. im asking for your forgiveness if i have hurt u guys..sorry for anything and everythings!
deep inside from my heart...mari sama2 tambahkan ilmu di dada and bersihkan hati=)

please pray for me yeah. semoga Allah merahmati kalian=)

till we meet again~

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

coffee & calculator


Welcome to my life friends! both are really 'something' to my career life.. whats yours?


Thursday, 2 June 2011

suami & isteri

hai all~ today is Friday and 1st Rejab~ Alhamdulliah.....

anyway just wanna share with you guys about this article i just read from i luv islam=)
and fair enough i put 2 article one for bakal suami and one for bakal isteri..

Ooo Allah.. help me to walk through my life path and please forgive me for all my wrong doing and sin i have made....


till we meet again=)