Monday, 30 May 2011


Hi all~ last weekend was my cousin's engagement day.. Alhamdulillah all went really well and we are really enjoying it.. tika looks soo beautiful and the combinations of her eyeshadow colors look very nice.. literally!

oh yes forgot to update also about our ping pong tournament! which was held i think last 2-3 weeks between all the couzin's, uncle and couzin's wannabe=).. it was a Blast! and couldnt agree more that actually they play really well and its really competitive..owh my.. and surprisingly the uncle's are in the top rank of the finalist instead of the muda mudi yg disangka berhati waja itu! Uncle Ayed won the 1st place and win the dental package which was sponsored by abg Firdaus~ heeee

here some of the photo that i can share with you guys.. it might be useful for those who try to get some ideas for their engagement day=)

ok.. now here some photo during the tournament=)

ok...sekarang dah kene kalut for my own preparation=) cuak2... fuh fuh..

till we meet again=)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Dear Friends, Cepat baca!!

hehehehe Hi All,

Remember last time i have told you guys that my best friend Izza will start her online blogshop selling shawl yg chantek2??

Its ready now! I am sooo excited.. I bought some already=) and the blog's name is Cut A Figure..
Here's the link

Please have a look and support izza my dear friends!!!

Any inquiries,you can also ask me.. i will try my best to help you guys!=)

Thank you=)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I Wonder.....

Hi All!

sometimes I wonder how many times i wondering of something.. because i always wonder of everything.. i will kept thinking and looking for the answer and reason.. but then i stress myself out.. thinking too much for something that maybe is nothing..exaggerating perhaps?

top list of my wondering things:

1. I wonder do i have haters? and if yes.. why people hate me? and sometimes let say i assume this particular person hate me.. but actually he or she didnt even care about me.. then i serabut sorang2 thinking and worrying about it. but i do care if people dont like me.. for those who doesnt like me.. im so sorry for being a bad person to you.

2. I wonder do i have readers who following my blog hehe if yes who that particular person.. i want to thank them for reading my blog. Much appreciated!! and i would like to know their comment and critique on my writing skills. Well, i guess if i do have followers it would be my friends or mutual friends of mine.Why: hehe because this is only one simple + basic+ merepek+merapu blog out of millions blogspot in the whole wide world. Anyway.. thank u for reading my blogs. and thank u for care about me. happy=)

3.I wonder how i can contribute something to this cliche .. but thinking about God give me 24 hours and Ive been alive for 24 years old. Alhamdullilah.but im still not satisfied with the performance of myself . be an ordinary person are not something to be proud of. and sitting in the comfort zone doing all the routine chores also not a something to be proud of. Ordinary person may sound good if you talk about lifestyle but not good if it is about religion. Please forgive me God..

4.I do wonder how those brilliant people invent computers, telephone and all the high tech thingy oh my.... they are briliant man! and also i wonder about those conspiracy theory.. haha! those things are already complicated and myself makes it more complicated..

ok.. I think its enough for now.. i knew tergantung..maybe we can continue later hehe

till we meet again. have a good life all!



Sunday, 8 May 2011

behind the scene ::Red & Blue::

Wahahahahaha ok...stop..jgn muntah kay... actually im helping my bestfriend -izza to promote her blogshop. where you can find variety of shawl at affordable price! coming soon!

please look forward my dear friends.. will update to you anytime soon!