Monday, 22 November 2010

welcome back!

OmG! its freaking me! i gain weight! i have to do something.. waaaaaa!
introduction since a while i didnt update my blog! lame me! heehehe

how are you people? me? nothing much to story bout.. enough to explain why it takes ages for me to update this blog or may be because im happy with my life now? haha!

Anyway..just wanna wish Happy Birthday for those who celebrate their birthday today! it just remind us that were getting older yeah.. for whom born in a year 1987 now we are 23! its freaking me too! Every time when i go here and there.. All my friends will talk about getting marriage.. as always rite? what else could we chatting about other than this topic since we already reach up to this chapter of life. hoho! really excited talking about our Mr right Guy, what color that we wanna choose and how is our dream wedding.. My schedule also getting tight attending friend's wedding almost every weekend. that inspired me sometimes..but what worry me a lot is can i be a good wife to my future husband and good mother to my children. cuak? yes! heee anyway.. back to the story bout dream wedding.. I still wonder what color that suit me really well and what design should i choose for my wedding dress,how will my invitation cards looks like and many more. whatever it is i prefer my wedding ceremony to be simple and enjoyable..without hurting anyone and everyone are happy.that is my dream wedding..
How about u?