Tuesday, 15 September 2009

happy ending 3

16 sept...huyooo it is 16 already..tyme flies very fast...today the rain pouring heavily from morning till nyte i am soooo wet.. i have to walk to tuk din's restaurant for working without an umbrella =( too bad..luckily didnt cought a fever...within a weeks to go before raye!!! i hav 3 baju raye to choose for raya celebration hehe one is from my mum..one from my aunt and the last one..is my baju kurung that i wore on my convocation day..Alhamdulillah..a month before im going back to malaysia my rezeki sangat murah!!
1- dapat baju raye
2- i bought a laptop on a very2 affordable price!! very!!!!!
which is never cross in my plan or even my mind to buy a laptop before going back to malaysia..
3- i get my electronic dictionary
4- i passed all my papers on june exams!!!!

actualy banyak lg..but i just cant trigger it from my memories..Alhamdulillah!!! Allah sangat adil..
hmm it will always balance..depending how u interperate the meaning of balance.for me..the best to describe is by malaysian qoutes..hidup umpama roda..skjap kat atas skjap kat bawah.. u win some u lose some..

sometymes i just wish that i can stay in london a bit longer..im so happy with my life now..n feel very hard for me to leave it..with gewd job environment..gewd circle of frenz..gewd place of living n even gewd money..and also gewd acompany..but then i realise..maybe without deciding to leave london i wont get all those opportunity..u will never knows..n for me..i am really2 thankful with whole things that happens to me..thank u God.. and i know..when i arrive at malaysia..different adventure is waiting for me..i have to prepare myself..never look back...

hmm hopes everything will go fine..
selamat hari raye semue!!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

happy ending 2

5 sept : huhu yes!!! i just received my electronic dictionary that i bought from ebay..bought the second hand one but still in a gewd condition like new one! huhu so excited to open the package!!! unfortunately it doesnt working when i turn it on.i was so frustrated n thought that the seller was trying to cheat on me..urghh feel like just wasting 33 pound on nothing..try to change with new battery with hopes that its working...naaaaa still the same..then kamal try to check it..actually there is one button at the bottom that i forgot to switch it on hehe and kamal just wanna play around with me n said it stilll not working... but i already discover it when i heard bipbip sounds huhu yessssssssssss!!!! now i got my own gadget that cost me only 33 pound! normal price is 60 above and at malaysia new price it cost like 700 ringgit huhu..not sure the exact price..but worth the buy huhu im the one who is very hard to spend so much money on something kind like expensive (exclude cloth or shoes or handbag that i tink as an excuse for every women to feel less guilty huhu coz its neccessary ryte? )huhu..i dunt have any kind of gadget except for camera that already broken if it consider as gadget huhu..i love gadget but cant afford to buy it..huhu since im going back to malaysia .. i just feel like i have to buy something as a treat for myself..n for me this dictionary is more than satisfied! now im sooooo into it.. lets me share with you some words that ive already learnt huhu
agony-physical n mental suffering
wave of nausea-disgusting
whahaha sorry kind like childish..dunno till when this excitement will stay hahah maybe a week..or a month.. no laaaaaa
oh yeah..in the morning...me,kak nor and kamal went to portobello market!!! wahahahaha so rambang mate with everything they sell it there..there is a lot of antique stuff and something that u cant easily find in normal market on a very affordable price with gewd quality perhaps..if only i have a lot of money.. i will buy all those thing to give as a present to my relatives without trying to select the best one..just pick n pay huhu dats why maybe i dunt have a lot of money ryte? =)
i walked from north to south and east to west to select the best stuff that i can give as souvenir to them..so headache..thank u to kak nur n kamal cz helping me...huhu sooo sorry coz make both of u waiting so long and have to keep watching me in case im lost which is so many tymes kak nur have to ring me to ask where is the exact location am i....huu thank u for the day... really enjoy it with company by both of them... now..i tink i am nearly finish buying souvenir..
ok..tink dats all for today..oh yes...hehe just wanna update my tips for today...i got 7.60 pound today!!keep smilling esma! huhu Alhamdulillah..like tuk din always advice us..tak kire sikit ker bnyak huhu
now i can sleep with smiling..gewdnyte everybody...sweetdreams=)