Sunday, 30 August 2009

happy ending~

hmm i was trying to write a whole story of my life in uk..but still dont have idea..
the more idea..tbe best will wait till idea comes.. huhu
mon 31 august - huhuhuh merdeka! tanggal 31 bulan 8...57..huhu im proud to be malaysian.. just now..i saw a picture of KLCC when it still under construction huhu wut an amazing! nowdays we can proud with wut 'they' have left to us..merdekaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! yeay2..
now im busy with working..dunt have enough time to go anywhere..less than a month left for me before im going back to malaysia..sad..happy??? dunno wut i feel right now..but in the middle of nite..i just feel like i wanna write something..hmm up to now..during this ramadhan my shift start from 6pm to 12 am including closing n terawikh i got a lot lot of free time actually including time dat i can save on travel since i moved in to mara hostel that takes me only 10 minutes walking to tuk din's restaurant instead of an hour from barking...but i just waste it with tidoooooooo n watching dr house!!!! huhu no no way..start from tommorow..i will try my best to wake up early n go somewhere..hurmmm i should appreciate my life here in uk isnt it? while i have only 28 days left...
hmmm wut i wanna do with this 28 days?? lets check out tomorrow coz i wanna continue my dr house season 5 huhu

4 sept- aiyooo..this week is freaking idea why is it..still in summer mode...yuhooo i hav bought all the souvenirs for my beloved related family..cant wait to see their respond when they receive this gift..huhu soooo excited...
today i finish my shift bit late..huh so tired...n soo busy..but my tips today not big enough to offset the tiredness huhu ussually i can get like 6 pound per day average after total devide by 7..but today only get 3.90 huh...still hehe Alhamdulillah..its better than never..
hmm..dunno... but even now is 4th sept... still not goin anywhere or enjoying my last few days in london with something diff...i know i should do something better..hmm ntah la...maybe i had enough..or maybe just take it for granted till its gone.. not so much things happens that i can share the story with alll of u guys...hopes tommorow will be better than today..oh yes..before i forget...i will bring with me one of my workmate when im goin back to malaysia!!!hopes it consider as my contribution to malaysia huhu tahun melawat malaysia!!should make a list of itenary..where to go n what to excited!! !! yuhuu happy fasting!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

after all this while....

wawawawawwa after all this waiting so long to go back to malaysia...finally i decide to go back to malaysia for gewd!!!! yuhuuuuu
but all my frenz n family worried bout that swineflu or h1n1 something ...
in london there is plenty cases of people died because of swineflu but still under control..dunno why
but because of malaysia got so many people died because of this i become worried sighed* more less reduce my excitement of coming back to malaysia~
but thinking about utterly temptation...cant stop me for countdown till the day arrive...but still..i will leave a lot of things on this british happiness,my love...and all my ups and downs...thank you london coz become part of my teacher..
wutever it is...when i arrive at malaysia...all the secret in london will be revealed....

malaysia..please welcoming me back with all your pleasure!!!!!