Friday, 30 September 2011

kisah mereka lagi..

Di waktu pagi ketika tengah menunggu giliran medical check up..

Suami: bie... semalam kan kita mimpi awak semangat and bersungguh ajak kita pergi tgk game arsenal.. pastuh tiba2 awak tak nak pergi pulak.. padahal bukan main dok ajak.. kenapa bie awak tak nak pergi?


suami: bie.... cubala bagitahu kita kenapa awak tak nak pergi

isteri: awak mimpi ek

suami: aah

isteri: malam karang cuba awak mimpi lg.. tanya kita knapa kita tak nak pergi tengok game tuh..

suami: kah kah kah~


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

1st trimester.. A change in me..

Hello guys!

okay.. 1st trimester experienced.. what change me? huhu i travel quite a lot during my 1st trimester.. and actually its not advisable to travel a lot during this depends on people... there is a risk of miscarriage.. but Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened to me and the baby.

I've got major problem with travel sickness.. and plus morning sickness make it a complete package of unbearable nausea and headache.. i vomit a lot! Thanks to Air Asia because contribute their paper bag to me.. every time i fly.. i will collect the paper bag at every single chair.. my hubby and mom help me a lot on that.. huhu that paper bag always be in my handbag .. its easy to use comparing with plastic bag..and it also environmental friendly hehe

okay.. other things i discover..

1. After brush my teeth mesti muntah.. it sounds weird right? but i heard most of the pregnant women experience the same thing as well.. and somehow.. i read an article before.. it isn't something comfortable to vomit every time.. though its good for your body.. and i didn't deny that.. because i feel much better after vomit..if only i remember which article i i can share with you guys.. kesimpulan dia.. setiap yang berlaku mesti ada hikmah.. i don't know how to describe the feeling of nausea and headache but its quite similar when you have travel sickness.. but travel sickness only happened when you in car, bus, ferry or flight.. but morning sickness happened every time in the whole day.. can you imagine that?

2. my level of energy become very low.. i feel sleepy most of the time.. i sleep at my office.. in the car.. while waiting my turn to do medical checkup.. and also cant spend whole day at shopping complex or jalan2 anymore..

3. I get hungry very fast.. and kalau lapar kena makan time tuh jugak memang tak boleh tunggu.. kalau tak badan akan berangin semacam.. My Hubby help me a lot massaging my back. That is my major problem during my 1st joke! i have to drink ginger with honey or ginger tea to reduce that 'angin' problem.. not sure what in English term.. my bad..

4. I don't eat any of my favorites foods during my 1st trimester. like ikan terubuk bakar.. etc.. and rice also became the lowest ranking in my diet list.. but now.. i eat rice everyday.. i didn't crave for any particulars foods but i cannot see people upload foods they ate.. after that i feel like i want one as well hehehe..

5. swing mood? haha! i easily cry without reason.. but it still under control.. some people can easily loose their tempered but that i still can handle it.. kan hubby kan? heee

6. i love to eat something yang masam. it is not because i mengidam or what.. but when you feel nausea and you don't have appetite.. all this sour things become the best medicine for your throat.

7. Last time i bought my husband a perfume as a gift.. which obviously because i love the smell of it.. but this time.. my husband are prohibited from wearing it.. i couldn't stand the smell at all..ewww!

8. what else yeah? i cant remember.. owh i feel sleepy again.. sign to get a short nap i guess..
okay guys.. anything i will update to you..


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Kisah Mereka


Bermula Kisah 1:

masing2 kelam kabut keluar dari rumah nak pergi ke tempat keje.. naik satu kereta.. gate semua dah tutup..

suami: awak dah tutup semua suis ker?
isteri: dah..
suami: sterika pon
isteri: dah.. dengan muka yg tak menyakinkan..
suami: confirm ker?
isteri: dah.. hmmm tapi kalau awak nak check boleh la
suami: berlari2 bukak gate and masuk rumah check suis
isteri: dah tutup dah?
suami: dah
isteri: hah kan betol kite kata dengan yakin huhu

Kisah 2:

Di rumah Keluarga.. sewaktu nak balik.. perjalanan ker Airport

Isteri: alamak.. kite tertinggal purse..
suami: bang.. tolong balik jap.. isteri tertinggal purse..
Isteri: Berlari tergesa2 masuk rumah amik purse
Abg 1: check ada barang tinggal lg tak?
Isteri: Rasa dah tak ada.

Perjalanan diteruskan kurang dari 5 minit

Suami: awak nampak kite punya dompet?
isteri: Awak letak kat mane?
Suami: Alamak tertinggal.. bang boleh patah balik..
Abg 1:..........
Suami: berlari tergesa2 amik dompet
isteri: sibuk check barang apa lagi tertinggal
Abg 1: ada lagi tak barang tertinggal?
isteri: belum sempat menjawap
Kakak 3: berlari keluar rumah bawak sebungkus rempah yang dibeli untuk bawak balik.
nih ha nasib baik ternampak
isteri: heeeeeeeeeee
Abg 1: ok tinggal lg barang dah tak patah balik...

Kisah 3:

di rumah Keluarga sewaktu nak balik..

suami & isteri: okla mama kiteorg balik dulu.. salam cium tangan semua..
mama: ok..
suami & isteri: lambai ikut tingkap. kereta bergerak
mama: kunci gate.. tiba2 nampak kereta datang balik.. lalu bertanya.. kenapa?
suami & isteri: kami tertinggal henset...

Kisah 4:

dalam perjalanan ke airport untuk majlis menyambut menantu

Mama: nanti singgah rumah uncle jap ek.. diorang nak tumpang pergi airport
suami: okay

sampai di rumah uncle..

suami: eh baju melayu kite ada tak?
isteri:eh tade kot..

uncle: knapa lalu jalan nak ke rumah awak balik?
suami: nak amik baju melayu tertinggal
uncle: pakai jela langsir masa khawin nanti...

Kisah 5:

suami menelefon emaknya

ma: datang sini bile?
suami: hari khamis malam ma
ma: tiket dah beli
suami: dah.. sampai malam khamis.. dengan confident
ma: ok

malam rabu check website nak online check in

suami: eh asal kite check email kite takde pon tiket untuk malam besok
isteri: dah check betol2 ker? cuba check email kite pulak
suami: dah check jugak.. takda
isteri: aik pelik.. bukan awak dah beli kan
suami: rasa memang dah beli
isteri: kite pon rasa awak dah beli.. takpe besok try call
suami: ok.. tapi kite rase maybe kite tak beli kot
isteri: tapi kite ingat awak cakap ngn kita awak dah beli


suami cuba menghubungi syarikat pernerbangan..
isteri: awak dah call?
suami: dah tapi terputus
isteri: takpa kite cuba chat online
suami: ok
isteri: chatting online..

can you check my booking for flight this Thursday to ... please can i have your ref no? okay...

5 mins later...
sorry maam.. no booking for this Thursday flight
ok.. thanks..

isteri: awak.. memang takdela
suami: agaknya memang tak beli lah tuh.. knapa rasa macam beli ek
isteri: ntahlah.. nasib baik kita ada beli hari jumaat punya tiket

Hari Jumaat:

suami & isteri: balik ke kampung.........................


Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Our Life are full of surprise.. and walking through it,there always be a question marks ahead us.. Why? When? Who? Where? and so many Wh questions.. Whether you guys realizing it or not start from the young age we keep worrying and wondering so many things.. examples when you were in school.. How would my result would be for UPSR.. and then when you get your will be which secondary school shall i enter.. boarding school or not..MRSM or Agama or Science School? but life never disappoint and left you without an answer.. the answer will came naturally with doa,tawakal and your effort..

after that.. you ask again yourself , which subject should I take after PMR, pure science or sastera? then again you wonder what course and university better for your future..but still you walk through it.. ups and downs are normal..Later your start thinking about your future life.. who will be your husband or wife? when will you get married? what job post and company will you work with, at what age you want to buy house and car etc..

But still it never ends.. the questions will takes turn by turn and keep coming..then will stop when you reach your end of people will summarized your life story not you because you already dead..hereafter you the one who will answer all the questions back...

Appreciate your life as what it is.. so far I am thankful with all the answer I get for my questions.. Allah gave me a very good,cute and caring husband=) such a lovely family tree.. and decent life with a very lovely and kind peoples surround me.Alhamdulillah tak terhingga..

And also for the baby in me, I am so grateful with His gift and 'amanah'. Thank you thank you and Alhamdulillah for millions times..

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Pengalaman Balik Kampung Raya=D

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera..

Seperti yang sedia maklum dan baru nak maklum, aku tiap2 tahun mmg akan beraya di Shah Alam bandar kesayangan ku.. sebab family kami mmg kebanyakannya duduk di shah alam.. Kebaikan raya di Shah Alam ialah traffic tak sesak and mase itulah shah alam berada di paras tenang..

Tapi tahun nih lain sikit 1st time aku merasa beraya di Kelantan nun jauh disana.. awal2 tuh mase dah confirm cuti raya terus cari tiket kapal terbang.. Mak aihh mahal gile... 300 sorang return tak silap aku.. takkan nak spend 600 untuk tiket je.. selalu aku balik Kelantan 200 je pergi balik untuk 2 org.. semua tiket dah mmg mahal gile.. try carik tiket train.. macam menarik je rase naik train huhu tapi semua dah sold out.. memang kena pakai cara terakhir lah nih.. so kami pon decide balik kelantan naik kereta.. so kami beli tiket balik je. yelah aku nih mmg jenis mabuk kereta or apa2 jelah yang bergerak travel jauh2 nih.. campur pulak morning sickness.. memang complete set..

Pernah dulu aku pergi Spain.. naik flight muntah naik bas muntah sampai je spain aku terus cari pharmacy mintak ubat muntah.. tapi sebab yang jaga kaunter tuh tak pandai cakap english.. aku kene buat bahasa isyarat buat flight and tunjuk sikit gaya muntah huhu sampai orang yang jaga tuh pon tergelak..

so akhirnya kiteorg pon baliklah naik kereta dgn best friend aku Izza and adiknya. tak sangka sangat2 aku berpeluang balik kampung dengan suami dan kawan baik aku sekali gus. huhu tapi awal2 tuh aku macam risau sangat sebab pikirkan berapa lama kiteorg atas jalan and kalau traffic sesak lg.. haish doa jela tade pape..

So kiteorg gerak hari jumaat last week puasa tuh.. dalam pukul 12 pg mcm tuh.. nasib baik sebelum aku bergerak aku dah buang segala apa yang patut.. so syarat taknak bg aku pening or rasa nausea adalah dengan tidur! mesti and wajib.. tak ngantuk pon kena tidur supaya masa akan berjalan dengan cepat and aku tak sedar apa yang berlaku di luar..

Sampai kat bentong kiteorg singgah petronas besar tuh kejap...pergh aku memang selalu ulang alik pergi petronas bentong tuh tapi tak pnah aku tengok traffic sesak sampai macam tuh sekali.. penuh gile kereta kat situ.. huhu so izza and adik dia pergi toilet.. aku tidur and en suami pergi beli air masam2 huhu sekali bile datang nak gerak balik kereta tak boleh start pulak haha! cuak semua.. perjalanan masih jauh.. nasib baik lah tak mustahil nak carik wayar nak jump kereta tuh huhu sebab mmg ramai org ..En abe pon menjalankan tanggungjawab menjadi pomen bidan terjun huhu

rupanya2 miss driver terlupa nak tutup lampu masa pergi toilet huhu lepas tuh kiteorg sambung perjalanan balik ke kampung..sahur pon dalam kereta nak cepat sampai punya pasal.. mereka bertiga bertuka2 drive kereta.. aku mmg pasif sepasifnya.. rekod muntah sekali je hehehe tuh pon sebab angin kot..Alhamdulillah aku berjaya puasa penuh Ramadhan tahun nih=)
akhirnya kami pon sampai perjalanan selama 8 jam..

gitu gini dah hari raya. kami memang plan balik second day raya.. flight tengahari.. yeay sambung beraya di shah alam pulak.. raya di kelantan awesome!! tapi sesak jalan.. semua balik kampung kan.. tapi kita merancang tuhan yang menentukan.. sampai je di Shah Alam tengah hari ...petang tuh kami dikejutkan berita nenek en suami accident.. masuk bilik bedah.. and malam tuh disahkan meninggal.. Al Fatihah kepada arwah..semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.. Amin

Kami pon berkejar cari tiket bas malam tuh jugak tapi bas mesti tak banyak sebab baru raya ke 2 and kebanyakan semua dah berlepas.. so pikir punya pikir kami decide nak ke kelantan naik flight.. pergi subang cari tiket firefly pergh... 700 dua org sehala.. ingat 70 ringgit huhuh pastuh nasib baik air asia murah 270 2 org sehala.. amik flight di awal pagi.. huhu cipta rekod pergi balik kelantan tak sampai 24 jam..

Alhamdulillah kami sempat ke majlis pengebumian arwah nenek.. dari mandi sampailah ke kebumi.. pengajaran yang pasti di hari raya tuh.. sesungguhnya Mati itu Pasti.. sebak dengar imam bace talkin.. suatu hari nnt nama kita pasti akan berbin atau berbintikan nama ibu kita.. satu hari yang sangat pasti... Ya Allah ampunkan dosa kami semua..

hari sabtu kami bertolak balik ke shah alam petang.. tumpang kereta abg ipar.. nih lg mencabar perjalanan.. dari kelantan ke kuala terengganu ker shah alam.. total hours on the road.. 12 jam huhu tapi good experience la.. tuh pon aku bantai tidur sepanjang perjalanan.. nak amik pil tahan muntah aku mcm cuak pulak time2 pregnant nih ..

itulah pengalaman balik kampung raya aku selama seminggu.. nih tgh bersemangat nak sambung raya di shah alam.. Alhamdulillah kami selamat pergi dan balik...=)

Korang.. jemput la datang raya rumah!!! saya tak sabar nak jumpa kawan2 saya!!