Thursday, 25 December 2008


1-today i cut my finger very badly mase potong mushroom wawawa sakit terhiris=(
boleh bukak tutup lg luke die half of my fingers..the worst ever.. i thought my finger mcm takleh diselamatkan gonna die!! huhu..but Alhamdulillah nampak mcm okey but dunno..still bleeding lg..habis lantai kotor ngn my blood..nak pengsan tgk darah..taknak jd doctor!
2-do u know wut is the meaning of hypertension?.. i dunno as well
but now..i knew wut is hyper tension.. in my hypotesis..hypertension means korang bnyak sngt masalah n only u the one who can solve it..and it comes consecutively without knowing when all this porblem can be sort out n deep inside ur heart there is something u hide n waiting to come out,ur physical energy are very low,u not sleep well
..n u are away from people u love.everything mixed up n just waiting to blow out.
finally when it reach the maximum level...u crying u crying n u crying without no one knows why n u also dunno which problems that makes u cry..n u even cant stop crying n think wise until something or someone hurt u deliberately or not..then u will be ok n conscious n then u can interact with surrounding normally ....dats is hypertension....
3-in my case..
im okey because ive cut my fingers...
but the reason why i cut my fingers..bukan sengaje ek ,terpotong..huhu tak leh bgtau.. rahsie..=) but the gewd things behind it.. now im ok..n i feel release..
the bad things...there is a plenty of way u can choose to settle up that wut i have told u..something or someone hurt u deliberately or not..because it give reflection straight to ur brain to think..but sometymes people takes an easy way..commit suicide ,drugs,drink and any sort of matter which is islam really2 prohibit u to do it....anyway it doesnt worth it at all..not worth to urself,ur mom especially and all people around u...
4-conclusion..the best way to control ur hypertension is by keep on praying to me..God will helps u me..He give me a way to realize it by terpotong jari(might be)
Allah sngt adil..n God only test us with things that we can control n He will not test us something that beyond of our strenght..n it makes our life colourful..reminder for me n all of you.. positive n think my mum said..all people will have problems just that we dunno till what time n day this problem will be resolve n try to be patient n pray to Allah alweys till that day arrive=) Allah bersame org2 yg sabar... terime kasih semue kerane membantu=)

dear God..please forgive me for all my wrongdoing..

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


semlm dah bising hrnih kene keje..* refer to my previous post{chewah cam ade je org bace huhuhu} tp bile pk baik buruk..hmm takpe la ikhlas kan hati..
so pg td pgla keje dgn bersemangat..semangt nih..

selepas 5 jam..

malang btol nasib..kene keje sorang2..just is among the busiest day in 365 days yela mlm krismas..but howcome they left me answer 3 phone..making 62 ++ orders 2-3 pizza+starters+ doing opening+ closing(moping n wut so ever)+ doing driver punye chores..making dough!..pnat kay utk kudrat pompuan nih huhu n + closing driver punye job( cuci pinggan mangkuk semue) ...wawawawa penat..n from 11.30 am i start working..bru sempat duduk around 10.00 pm...uish korang bayangkan la korang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huwawawawa penat..... im working 13 hours..leh sampai malaysia kot naik flight huhu..

tp paling tak larat huhu teringat kat lasagne yg nak dekat setaun diidamkan wawawa
tp lain maybe bole.. but myself..i cant work for 2 shift alone..
n 1 st tyme in almost a year im working at that i make pizza sambil menagis kay..dah tak larat sangt..huwaaaa i dunno how the pizza's taste..makin sedap kot.. make it not crying because im weak
n im not crying because im not accepting fate..
or even giving up..
just that im crying because im so tired.....siyesly so tired.....

sampai kan rase nak campak je telephone tuh kalo berbunyi n dah niat dah dalam hati bile jawap phone ngn customer nak cakap sorry we are closing or terase nak cabut jap wayar tepon tuh pk kan amanah..
islam teach us perfectly with supreme manners ..
hmm because of dat reason..wayar tak cabut..telephone angkat n jawap dengan suare yg lembut..what would u order sir? n phone tuh still ade dekat tempat nye..huhu

hopes tommorow will be better than today..dear God please forgive me for all my wrong doing..
rindu mama..
rindu ayah...
rindu ajat...
rindu d...
rindu semue org kat malaysia!!!!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


hmm because why on earth when im about attending some makan2 my boss call me to go for a work? just becoz of ur 'gf' want attending christmas party so i need to replace her??
n why..u only call me when there is no one working..then u left me like kind of s**t?
n so kind to him n everytime i will always answer it with YES..why didnt say NO.
it is all about MONEY.. as i know..if im not working.. i dont have money..but why on earth in all 365 days in a year..when im about to go somewhere u call me at that tyme and ruin my planning n make me miss every single things ..why dont u call when im dying looking for a job or when im dying becoz im so i dat loser??

come on patient..everything happens with reason.. such a bad feelings..n everytime u need to be positive..
its okey..let them enjoy=) hmm they work so hard..
sometymes u feel like giving up..n u tink like ur 'rezeki' actually not in london..
but wut u've start u need to finish it..

u alweyz pray to Allah supaye di murahkan rezeki..n now God give u just be thankful n sacrifice ur happiness..enjoy it!!! enjoy every moment u had....enjoy!!! insyaAllah ade hikmah..
dear God please forgive me for all my wrongdoing.....

n besok ade lasagne..wawawawa dah lame mengidam=(

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

manchester~ so depress ryte now n i dunno what should i write here but i have to write something here becoz im so depress.. oh goshhh my life so miserable ryte now n i dunt hav money at can u live in london without money???? hmm Allah sangat adil..

last few days i went to manchester visit my kazen..i hav a gewd tyme there n it such a release after a month struggling with book n fighting with my boss..i almost forgot bout everything in london but still... u cant running from ur real life ait? n now im back in london n with a soooooo sooo much tense..i really hate dis situation but i knew..i need to n i hav to face it up. Dear God..i really need ur helps. i hav no idea...please forgive me for all my wrongdoing..

ok back to the main point...'manchester' huhu

1st day- start kuar rumah bout 10 o clock n my bus depart at 11 am..dalam hati..insyaAllah sempat sampai..n sepatutnye mmg sempat pon.but the fact is..tak sempat!!!! kiteorg sampai kat victoria station 10 minutes to 11 n from the 1st step i step out from that really2- slow- train..i just keep running wishing that kiteorg tak kene tinggal bas..huh sangt penat n sampai2 je kat station bus..bus bergerak meninggalkan kami..what a day~ n.. instead of we paid 10 pound for that return ticket n booked about a month earlier so that we can get that 10 pound i need to pay 23 pound not for return ticket but for only 1 way ticket kay..and all together it cost me 10+23 =33 pound journey to manchester..urghh u can go to paris n spain for that amount of money..pengajaran..esma !!! tolong jgn lambat... n it is very2 gewd lesson for me..n that '33 pound' bus for 5 hour journey kiteorg duduk sebelah org minum 3 tin arak..oh my god bau die tuhan jela tau n plus me n kak eka bergilir2 masuk toilet muntah huahuahua n plus toilet tuh bersebelahan dgn kami huhu bau? dont ask me to describe it..i knew everyone familar with it..huhu wut a journey n its like 10 hours journey instead of 5 huhu tobat simpan duit naik train huahuahua
day 2-yeay outside manchester..bury..uish barang die sangt murah kay n im so lucky cz my kazen belanje beli 3 helai baju n sehelai seluar huhuhu thank u kak d!!! muahx! love you! oh ye before pg bury tuh kak d ade la siapkan map hahaha tak jalan sungguh sebab sesat jugak..isk mmg nak elakkan la map kalo bole huhu
day3-tgk stadium manchester of duit tade so tgk n taking picture jela huahuahua but still..ok la tuh kan..hehe oh ye n pg sekolah melayu kat tau sebab my opinion if u decide to study abroad or to have family outside malaysia..the 1st priority condition that u need to fulfill is tinggal berdekatan dgr community is not worth it if u have a nice house n gewd place but there is no me it such a weird feeling tau..tak kisah la sebaik mane pon mat salleh tp i tink malaysian it the best huhuhu n of course kalo korang teringin nak makan malaysian punye food senang nak cr tak semue bende kite bole masak kan2 huhu
day4- my bus sepatutnye bergerak pukol 4.30 tp i thought 3.00 pm huhu punyela berie bgun n kuar awal2 huhu tp oklah cz plan to meet my friends -literally but substances die it such a long story but its we like know each other for a long tyme n we both sharing a lot of story together..hmm remind me the gewd old days..sedey nak tinggalkan manchester n kne tinggalkan syakir yg sngt comel huhu..Alhamdulillah naik bas balik ke london ok..huhu sebab dah makn pil muntah huahua.. i london..struggling to i knew how it feel u live in london with only 1 pound in ur pocket huhu but..i knew everything happens must be a reason..n i just pray to Allah..hopes everything will be ok..Dear God..please give me strength to live in this so big big world..

Tuesday, 9 December 2008



actually i just sign up this blog~

huhu macam menarik plak..

up to this post..i just copy paste from my frenster's blog

sje nak nampak bnyak huhu
nyway enjoy ur reading~ huhu
nmpak cam sape? uhuk hehe

life in uk part 12

when things goes wrong..there is no one you have to put all the blame on..only u should bring it on..because life is not all about is about everything..and everything conspire to bring ur life..up to where it should be..and ure the one who make it worst or what u want it to be..
when things goes wrong..dont be sad n cheer up..after all that things happens..there must be a reason..hidden in somewhere n someplace..somehow u will realize itmaybe today..tommorow..or never..
when things goes wrong..remember there is someone who alweys be there for you..dont ever feel world alweys appreciate ure priceless..only and the big big world..

life in uk part 11

urrrrgggggh i just finish doin my revision..stress jap wacc..m&m no tax..with tax..CAPM blbla bla bla..why on earth they make that things so complicated lol huhu..almost a year i live in uk huhu but my post only in total of 11 hahaha nampak beno malasnye huhu tp orait la consider 1for a month huhu..hurm..since last dec..i have met a lot of people here..with diff story n diff history..from afghanistan,pakistan,india,bangladesh n all over the country huhu n they came to london for the sake of to change n improve their life..same la kite..but the differences are..we come here for study and they come here for running towards a better life and leave their miserable life..u will never know how suffer they are..
actually some of them are very rich at their own country..their life there was very gewd..with a well name family background and trust my bos if he still at afghanistan ryte now..he nearly become a doctor..but the question is? why they decide to move out from that kind of gewd life and moving to a very2 difficult life here without no one give a damn cares bout u or even a respectful life.. nothing..
i always tink bout that and now i knew wut the answers are..
hmm sometyme u stuck with that kind of life..not because of u dont want to get rid from it or u dont want to improve urself for a better life..but the thing is u cant n couldnt..that is how the nature wut poelho coelho ur life nature and all people conspire together to make a story n series of ur in my point of is like dramas..ure the main actor for the whole if u..urself try to get rid from ur post..that drama wont be a drama n all the people who acting as co actor will suffer as well because u have destroy whole over the story..thats why sometymes u stuck with ur own life and just accept ur destiny with faith that it will getting better from there is some heart to be care..
sometymes when i saw my manager and his father..i feel sorry with them as his past is full n load of in prison..working 7 days morning n nite for the whole year..and many more..but now i understand..if they dont decide to choose this kind of life n try to escape it alone..what will happens to his sister,family n mum?? they just accept it for the sake of their family n to protect them..urgh WAR killing a lots of soul n killing a lots of hope..
huhu quite emotion isnt it? huhu so kenkawan..Allah only grant u with one life..n u know urself better than make it worth it becoz for the next 20 years u will rememories it whether wif crying or laughing..reminder for myself n u=)

life in uk part 10

selamat hari raye kepade semue kenkawan!!!! huhu mintak maaf zahir dan batin kalo aku ade terkasar bahase atau pon wat salah ngn korang..hmm tak sangke tahun nih aku beraye without family d london..tula..Allah tuh berkuase..u cant even imagine what will happens to you for 5 minute atleast aku rase jugak ape perasaan raye kat tempat org nih without family..
malam raye…
wawawa aku target raye hr rabu tp rupe2nye raye hari selase..dah la hr selase tuh aku keje ngn class hehe tuh yg kalo bole nak raye hr kire london nih raye awal sehari dr malaysia..malam raye tuh tah macam mane..aku stat plak masih berade dlm early stage lg la huhu malam raye tuh kiteorg raye kat umah abg nazirul.1st tyme aku pakai bju kurung mase tuh setelah hampir 10 bulan aku dok UK huhu sejuk seh..sampai kat tulang..hai..padehal blom winter lg..mase kat umah abg nazirul tuh..kiteorg ramai2 takbir hr raye..wawawa actualy 1st takbir tuh je dah wat hati aku mesti aa cover..segan hehe tp mase tuh aku terpk satu bende..kat malaysia kalo nak dgr takbir senang je..bukak tv ade takbir..kat masjid pon ade org takbir so kite mcm tak kisah sngt walaupon takbir tuh wat kite sedih tapi bg aku perasaan take forgranted tuh stil kat tak tayang masjid pon susah nk dgr so kne ramai2 berkumpul same2 takbir.. kite yg kene berusehe..hmm mase tuh la bru aku appreciate sngt takbir tuh n masetuh la aku nampak kepimpinan lelaki bile lead takbir..siyes..sayu jer dgr.hmm pastuh dah takbir kiteorg same2 makan..nasi kerabu,rendang n semue la cukup syarat..huhu yg aku nih jarang makan nasi kerabu..bru nk belajar la konon huhu kne belajar nih hehe ade ker aku ingt kuah nasi kerabu tuh kuah roti canai hehe sedap plak aku makan haha..pastuh kiteorg main mercun!!! tp kne cover2 takut mat2 salleh nih wat report police sebab bising..actually mlm raye nih semue tgh beremosi tp semue try to be happy n pretend that everything was fine n try meriahkn aku tau..dlm kepale msing2 semue tgh pkir n ingat bende lain hmm tp itu lumrah dunia..bile bende tuh dah takde bru kite rase appreciate..n actualy dat things wat our brain working, thinking n refleks die kite bersyukur n learn.. learn.. n learn n belajar erti i hav said before..Allah create our life sngt cantik..
1st raye..
demam aku makin menjadi2..tekak aku sakit..serak mcm ella dah suare aku..tak rupe pompuan bercakap..kalo cakap perlahan pon sebatu bole dgr huhu dgn tak cukup tido nye sebab excited nak beraye n pakai bju raye huhu kebaye lg tau2 hehe ade class tp aku ponteng hehe siyes mind aku mesti tade kat class la kalo aku pg pon..takpe2 pas raye aku pk nnt aku study rerajin hehe demam mane leh g class kan hahah alasan nih nak cover rase bersalah huhu so pg2 tuh gerak aa g malaysia hall..uish ramai beno rupeye rakyat mlaysia d london hehe pg tuh tak sempat make up..aku g make up kat tube..huahuahua lantak org tgk ngn baju kebaye hehe hrnih hari raye..dlm hati aku hehe tp demam aku trok nih..degil nak jugak beraye..after semyg raye n borak2 n tgkap gambar..stat la raye kat umah2 yg aku knal..tak bnyak pon..hrtuh 2 umah je..satu umah kak izma satu lg umah duta malaysia kat london huhu dkat umah kak izma aku telan 2panadol..on the way nak g umah duta malaysia tuh hujan plak..nasib baik kawan aku nih baik..ade satu payung je mase tuh.disebabkan aku demam..aku la dapat pakai payung la credit kat tuan punye payung haha tp siyes..aku beruntung dapat kawan2 yg baik..diorg semue riso jer tgk aku demam..thanks korang sebab amik berat..kat umah duta tuh..uish lawa gile kot umah die n besar..makan pon sedap..lg ramai la jumpe org mase sayang..nikmat rase nak makan tuh Allah tarik sekjap so aku makan sikit nasib baik tarik sekjap dr selame2 nye..hmm tp kalo tak..aku rase gile bnyak kot aku makan kalo tak malu hehe rais yatim po ade dtg mase tuh..then after tuh..aku pon balik..sebab nak rush g kje..sian kan aku hehe berkerje di hari aku wat muke2 sakit..dgn harapan bos aku kasi la aku balik haha.. tak jalan..lg die tinggal ka aku sorang2 n pg beraye adela..sedey gile mase aku dok pk..takyah pentingkan diri lai pon nak beraye..uish tp terok kot..peing gile mase tuh..wat piza..bawang ker cendawan ker semue aku nampak kaler pink huhu n terbatuk2 aku..bos aku tgk aku terok sgt hehe die bg aku balik awal..hehe aku pe lg..grab that chance la tp peluag yg ade tuh..aku gne ka sebaik2 nye hehe sebab aku pk alang2 raye,,raye habis habisan2 huhu kenkawan aku semue g umah abg mat..mesti la aku tak ak dok aku sampai je umah abg mat n kak sally..bende pertame aku wat..aku telan panadol 2 biji..aku naik bilik diorg..aku tido..zzzzzz…siyes..tak larat gile n pening sngt..dah tak kisah dah org dtg ker makan ker..sampai la semue dah balik huhu tringgal housemate aku je terime kasih la kat abg mat n kak sally sebab jd kakak n abg aku kat london nih..diorg baik..diorg selalo bg aku makan kalo2 aku teringin nak makan hehe terase soronok plak hehe tula..Allah tarik satu tempat die akan ganti dgn tempat lain..setiap org dapat bhgian2 dia..n aku tau..bhgian aku..Allah bg dgn aku dapat kawan2 yg baik2 n layan je aku kat sini..teirme kasih semue..huhu korank bnyak tolong aku=)..cukup la syarat hari raye aku..huhu ponteng klass+demam+keje+hujan=hari raye huhu
papepo..di hari raye nih..aku nak sedekah kan Alfatihah kat atuk aku yg setiase bg aku support utk aku berjaye..nenek aku yg jge aku tanpe knal erti penat, n semue umat islam yg telah meniggal dunie..mitak maaf tak dapat pg kubur d pagi doa sentiase dlm ingatan..semoge roh mereke dicucuri rahmat..
mama,ayah,ajat..ema mintak maaf bnyak2 atas salah silap ema.. ema mintak maaf sebab tak dapat raye same2.ema takkan sia2 kan. pengorbanan mama ngn ayah..tunggu ema balik kay mama n ayah..
kepade nik abdul majid..terime kasih kerane menunggu=)..selamat hari raye n mintak maaf kalo ade silap dan salah atau terkasar bahase.. insyaAllah..if Allah said so..mase nye akan dtg jugak..walaupon dgn care yg senang atau pon susah.. thanks for everythings.
iza,izaty,kak eka,kak eita..terime kasih bnyak2 kerane menceriekan hari saye..tanpe diorg aku tak mugkin masih bartahan di bumi london nih..terima kasih bnyak2 n halal kan makan minum aku n maafkan segale salah dan silap aku..terime kasih kerane menjadi housemate n kakak2 yg sngt baik..walaupon semue geli aku ngaku aku adik huhu tp deep inside my heart..jutaan terime kasih n bersyukur kerane knal korang..terime kasih..
ware,arep,pedeg,kamal,abg mat n kak sally..terime kasih jugak kerane menjdi sebahagian dr jalan cerite kehidupan aku di london..korang bnyak berjase dlam sedar tak sedar ade yg tersngt bnyak berjase n ade jugak yg sikit aku still appreciate jugak hehe..kalo nak tau ape..tnyr in person huahuahua mintak maaf zahir dan batin..
kawan2 aku kat sambest..terutame faz,piah,eka,adi,ama,raihan,mieza,dayah..selamat hari raye n mintak maap jugak..tak sabar nak balik malaysia n aku teringt waktu2 pose n terawikh kat sambet dulu..siyes waktu yg paling best dlm hidup aku huhu
kawan2 aku kat uitm..terutame maryam,fareha,wani,suk,tim,ain,kak pah,akeen,hazie dan semue yg name2 tak disebut..mintak maap jugak n siyes rindu gile kat korang!! nak main futsal n nak makan ngn korang!!! tunggu aku balik ek huhu
maap zahir batin jugak kat sedare2 aku..anis,ila , tika,juan,abg sharin, ila n semue batch2 aku la..korang mmg best!!! tak sabar nak habiskan duit korang huhuhu
senang cte..kepade semue yg namenye tak disebut..dengan rase rendah diri..aku mintak maaf zahir batin n jgn terase..faizah..n tykah,n lain2 slamat hari raye!!!

life in uk part 9

hmm aku skrg tgh dok dgr lgu..ntah la tbe2 harinih rase mode blues..without knowing the cause of it..sometymes we push too hard to be somebody..we want to be like this n like that..but fot what? to satisfied diri sendiri ker org lain? its gewd if u know what will happens to you next..Allah create all da things happened sangat cantik with all da reason n dgn cara macam mane that things happened n somehow after all dat things happened, u cry or u point..u knew how gewd it is .. how thankful u re..because with it..uve learn something n sometymes mybe its too late for you too realize..
hmm . ‘if only’..i can return back to my past..
if only..i know my future..
hmm sometymes life flattering us a lot n buat kite lupe sape kite…
for this moment..i just hope..i can be somebody..somebody in my point of view..before its too late..
ya Allah..ampukanlah dosa ku..dan seluruh umat manusia..

life in uk part 8

heyloo=) borink laa..kawan2 semue dah masuk study~ huhu how can i make my life meaningful??? sometymes when my frenz not around and leave me alone in our home sweet home make me thinking..bout my life..whether hav i achieve something or not for 21 years i live on the earth and under wonderful blue skies..hmm the answer is na~there is a lot of things i havent achieve yet n there is much more obstacle in front that i must get through..but i still proud with wut ive achieved..Alhamdulillah n i will try to improve myself day by i want to be somebody n i want to be remember as a gewd person and of course i want to be in everybody hearts even for a tiny little is better then never is it?dis evening..when i was working..hehe there is something happens makes me remind of something that happens like 5 month ago..ohu..there is one day..i was working alone..then..while im doin my black man came in..n asked me whether i hav money or not..he said he from mekah.and he said for Allah sake..i really need 10 pound to refill my i dunt hav any sis use my card and sort of..then he try to convince me wif all the gewd words..but that tyme i stil feel doubt to belive till he said waAllahi huhu cam terkejut jugak mase tuh huhu n he said he just live around here..n he really need that money cz die nak g heathrow.uish..mase tuh i was like..nak bg ker tak nak..huhu then i said..give me ur phone hehe ingat kan dat way cam selamat la kan..n that guy bg pulak no phone tuh huhu n in fact it was a real number cz i try rang his number in front of him huhu mase tuh mmg pk insyaAllah selamat duit aku huhupastuh nak dijadikan cerite hehe i took my purse n there is my only n only 10 pound haha n i said to him..plzzzz dont cause me trouble n dont lie to me cz i ve only 10 pound left n hehe i showed him my purse and he knows that is only money i ve..pastuh die cakap..waAllahi die akan pulangkan balik n die sebut macam2 la..subhanaAllah,Allah huakbar..selagi bolehehe tapi to make it short..mmg die tipu pon..tak pnah muncul dah pastuh and i never try to call him cz rase macam malas la nak berie utk seploh pound tuh..anggap tade rezeki..but the thing is..kalo kat london nih..uish jgn la percaye kat org2 yg bersumpah pakai name Allah nih..u never know.. but at the same tyme..rase cam sedey jugak they play around with that me..mase tuh kalo die tak sebut WaAllahi mmg takkan bg duit tuh..kite org islam..bile dah sampai satu tahap..swear wif that words of course kite akan tolong sesame kite that is only things yg bole buat kite mcm yakin nak tolong dgn org seagame eventhough kite tak nih nak jdkan pengajaran hehe tak semue org macam yg kite harapkan..different people diff mentality..huhu

life in uk part 7

hmm..dah lame tak tulis blogs..ohu..baru perasan..bile rase sngt sedey baru nak tulis blog..kalo tak hehe..actually bukan tade pape berlaku past few month nih..there is a lot of things happens..up and down..biasele..
june harituh busy exam..wawawa tak taula bole pass tak.huhu tapi..hopefully pass cz sangt dah berusehe..uish2..tido lambat bgun awal kot hehe.hmm takut nak pk!!!!! hehe but the most important things is..of course taknak let down my parents..mish them so much!!!!! oh my god..rindu!!!
then after abes exam spain..huhu siyes lawa gle just pg crodova n grananda je..kalo ade rezeki nak g madrid ngn barcelona plak huhuhuhu the weather almost similar to malaysia..just malysia terik but granada nih ade angin..but nice place to visit..siyes
huhu al-hambra palace tuh..cant even describe with word! subahanaAllah sangt cantik n u cant imagine how long they build the castle n how long they curve the wall with all the beautiful words about Allah n our makes u proud bout islam..n very romantic place huhu kalo nak g honeymoon hehe..oh..n terlupe plak..all architect n engineer semue impress cara diorg wat fountain yg mengalir n takkan putus..siyes..dats why i said..i cant describe it with words..but i love to share my experience wif all of u guys.. patutla org kate lg jauh kite jalan lg kite rase Allah itu sangat Berkuase..tgkla my pic holiday kat spain kay2 hehehe
lg ape ek jadi hehe after balik dari holiday frenz datang from malaysia.actually dia dtg nak lawat her sis tp coincidence dkat pulak dgn umah ape lg grab that chance la..uish siyes..2 weeks with them is the happiest week in my entire weeks in london..thanks kak pah n akeen..mish you babe! thank u so much! kiteorg jalan2 pg arsenal stadium,chalsea stadium,oxford n all the tourist attraction place la n dalam kiteorg jalan2 tuh..ade la jumpe sorg mamat nih haha mamat malaysia yg jalan sorang2 di london huhu..very nice n funny haha mind the gap!! hahaha sorry ek dj faz kalo bace hahaha but wif them ive learn a lot of things.n sangat banyak bende2 kelakar..kak pah tertingal bas..akeen hilang purse-ops yg nih tak kelakar tapi haha kelakar jugak hehe
dah ngantuk la hehe nanti sambung lg laa kay hehe banyak bende nak cte tp tula..mood tak sampai lg ohu..mish malaysia!!! mish my family!!! mish my frenz!!!! n mish D!!!! ……….

life in uk part 6

hye kawan2!! hehe dunno why..but today im feel happy hehe..best2! hehe=) by da way..hehe im going to manchester dis friday! meet my cousin there..tak sabar rasenye huhu tp sekarang nih demam wawa +selseme+batuk huhu
sebenarnye nak story kat korank bout my home sweet home punye story..hehe..before dis kan i have told you dat i live at eastham..but kat sane..aku tinggal berdua je wif iza exclude every weekend kiteorg selang seli..kjap zaty tido eastham kjap kiteorg datang paddington tido sane..actualy it cost us a terms of traveling and mase laa..tyme is persious babe! discuss punye discuss kiteorg decide nak tinggal bermule la pengembaraan kami mencari rumah huhu
kay..kisah pertame..huhu disebabkan nak cari rumah yg selese n murah nih sangat susah..hehe kiteorg pon try laa bukak website..cari rumah yg dekat ngan kolej n murah..cari punye cari..tbe2 ternampak satu rumah nih..harge 400 pound sebulan 2 bedroom dkat zone 2..huhu kalo bahagi 3 mmg tak sampai 150 la kan lg la zone 2..harge umah semue mmg mahal tahap gaban la..uish murah sangat la tuh..dok mara hostel pon 150 nih satu umah 150 mmg best happy jer..pastuh excited la hantar email kat tuan punye umah..pastuh tuan punye umah tuh reply..die sent pic of dat house..pergh!! tak tipu!! lawa gle! kaler orange n sangat kemas! huhu lagi la buat hati tertarik.hmm pastuh landord nih cite..die kate..die letak harge umah tuh murah sebab die mmg tak kisah pon pasal duit..die doctor n die just nak org jage umah die elok2 je..dats why die bg umah tuh murah n before dis..die pnah kene tipu wif somebody so die sekrg btol2 nak pilih tenant yg btol2 jujur huhu n da best things is..die rase kiteorg nih takkan tipu die..wawa best gle mase kiteorg pon decide nak sewa umah tuh..n die cakap kalo nak sewa..kene byar deposit 500 pound..n syarat die..kene wat kat western union duit tuh..ops! western union tuh ape ek? huhu aku pon baru tau..western union nih cam money transfer..lebey kurang bank draft laa.. cz die nak tgk kiteorg nih mmg btol2 ader duit 500 pound tuh..huhu penerime n penghantar die tak kisah sape just die nak tgk 500 pound tuh ader resit..aku dah pelik dah mase tuh..hmmcam dah tak sdap hati..tapi cam tawakal je mase tuh..n die kate buat pukol seploh pg besoknye..huhu dah la malam tuh tido terbayang2 umah idaman yg bakal diduduki huhu..besoknye..tgk2 jam..pukol 9.45..zaty ngan kelam kabut..bgun..tros pg western union..huhu berlari2 die..1st kedai yg wat western union tuh charge 80 pound ape! huhu pastuh kiteorg suro try next kdai kedai..35 bahagi 3..10 sorang so..go on la wat kat kdai tuh..huhu dah lambat nih..nak kene scan lg receipt western union nih..
dipendekkan cite..hal2 money transfer tuh settle..receipt tuh kiteorg scan n emailkan dkat landlord tuh..zaty wat..die penghantar..aku kiteorg ingt n tau la duit tuh tak g mane..tapi masalah nye..mase tuh btol2 tak tau..kalo penerime tuh nak claim duit tuh kne pakai ape..pastuh..Alhamdulillah la..Allah btol2 nak tolong kiteorg..kiteorg btol2 mase tuh banyak2 doa huhu takut kene tipu..Landlord tuh email kiteorg..cakap receipt tuh tak die nak tau number receipt tuh..nih dah pelik aa nih..kiteorg dah tunjuk bukti dah receipt western tuh..apesal lak nak number die kan..pastuh kiteorg call org western union..tnyr kalo nak tuntut duit tuh camne..die kate..kene bg number receipt identity penerime..sah2 la dalam receipt yg kiteorg scan tuh ader semue detail2 tuh..kiteorg cakap n cite ngan operator tuh..die kate kiteorg btol2 cari kiteorg pon..stopkan transaction tuh..ya Allah..mse tuh bersyukur sangat2 Allah mmg nak tolong mase tuh..detail yg kiteorg scan tuh..die tak dapat bace sebab tak dats why die terpakse tanyr kiteorg yg membuat kan kiteorg cam terpikir..kalo tak..dan2 tuh die dah kuar kan duit tuh..Alhamdulillah….uish mmg bengang sangat mase tuh n sangat kecewe..tapi bersyukur sangat2 n sangat..kalo tak 500 pound tuh lesap camtuh je..duit sebulan punye cost of living huhu oh 35 pound yg mmg dah sedie lesap huhu..pastuh..bole landlord yg konon doctor tuh email kiteorg cakap..nape tipu die? asal tak masuk kan duit kat western union die g tgk..tapi tade..apeleeeee!!!! tak ker bengong tuh..sah2 la tau die tipu..hurmm kecewe sangat mase tuh..mmg letak harapan btolla kat umah dengan perasaan yg kecewe tuh bersame kerugian 35 pound kiteorg g upton park..umah arep ngan ware..huhu sampai jer upton park..duit travel card kiteorg kene deduct sampai 6 pound..uish lg merepek..ape la bad day mase tuh huhu pg tnyr customer service kat situ..die kate kiteorg lupe nak touch out huhu..naseb baik bole alter balik..die kate pasnih jgn wat lg huhu..ngan perasaan sedey campur bengang campur lapo tuh..kiteorg pg umah arep ngan ware..hehe cite aa kat diorg sambil diorg bg makan hehe thanks korang huhu slalo bg kiteorg makan terubat la sikit dapat makan free huhu.

life in uk part 5

heylo…hurmmm siyesly..there is a lot of things in my mind rite now..past few days nih..huh..really put my the breakeven of my limit..hehe application of accounting..not so down..but still..dunno wut happens n why..but after quite a long comes again..dis up..sadness.. think bout money and sort of things like dat huh.. oh my God..ampunkan dosa hamba mu ni ya Allah..hmm wawawa..but one thing i i am stronger enough to deal with it comparing before this with support of my really2 gewd frenz here.. and try to think positif!!!!!and i decide to follow da flow and no need to get worry so much huhu..still young babe..nanti cepat tua kalo dok riso2 nih..ryte?
huhu of course you still keep wondering..why i am like it?? huhu actually..dis evening..i go to my usual..and supposed to start at 5.30 pm..hurmm malangnye..i am little bit late..not so late..just 5 minute know wut?? huhu bukak2 jer boss yelling at me..go back home!! ure late!! you supposed come at 5.30..not 5.35..bla bla bla n bla..Ohu..i was so shock!! siyesly..never happen like dis..merah muke die marah kat aku..aku diam je..kat depan pintu tuh..hehe dunno wut should i do and aku paham sangat..kalo boss aku nih marah..tak ley nak cakap ape..diam je..because die slalo rase die bgus..geram aku!! nih tbe2 datang hormon adrenalin nk ngutuk die..hurmm ntah ape ntah yg die dengki ngan aku pon aku tak die la jenis org yg kalo bole di elakkan..baikla elakkan..perasan hensem,hot tempered tak tentu pasal n da worst thing is perangai kalahkan pompuan n oh lg satu..lupe nak cakap..he is bachelor yg sedang mencari isteri huhu umor 30 dan tak kawen2 lg..isk isk..feel so sorry for him..isk siyes aku bengang ngan die nih tak pnah aku jumpe org camnih kat malaysia aku ingat manager yg aku keje pizza tuh la pling trok mase aku kat malaysia..rupe2nye ini lg terok tahap maksima nih..actually part 5nih..i would like to share wif u bout my home sweet home punye story..tapi dah geram sngt nih so terpakse jugak cite..pastuh bile die dah jerit2 ngan aku camtuh..n suro aku balik..aku pon balik je le..hehe sambil menangis..hmmm i do accept it is my fault but..aku rase die cam bias gile..pekerje2 die yg len pon pnah lambat..tapi die slalo cari point kat aku mmg btol la..nampak sangt die dengki ngan aku..agaknye sebab dulu die ajak kawen..aku tak nak kot hahaha terkuar jugak akhirnye tapi siyes..huh aku salah sikit je pon die nampak..tension keje ngan die nih kan keje susah je nak dapat..kalo tak dah lame aku cabut.. aku sampai2 umah..aku call izza melalak2..iza dok risau gak..isk kalo aku tau..baik aku g housewarming kat chadwell heath dapat makan huh..tapi tgh2 borak ngan iza..tbe2 boss aku call aku masuk kje balik..tau die takut..huh coz sunday nih mmg busy gle..hurmm pastuh wat muke ngan aku..eiwww..geram nye aku..die treat aku ngan iza cam budak tak pandai kat sini..huh..
isk isk isk..positif2!!! huhu ala pnat la cite..hehe nanti aku sambung lg jgn happy now huhu di sebalik sedey2 nih..ader la jugak bende2 yg aku happy minggu is short!! enjoy it!! yeah!! haha nampak sngt dah merepek kan..huhu takpe2 next punye part..aku siyes balik..nih nak lepaskan marah je nih huhuhuhu

life in uk part 4

huhu korank tau tak..sekarang pukol bape?? 4.30 pg huhu while i was writing dis blog huhu ok..continue my story…alamak..takde feel laa huhu
class? hurm huhu my class located near to london bridge huhu jalan kaki tak sampai seploh minit sampai laa kat london bridge huhu tak lawa pon london bridge tuh..lawa lagi penang bridge hehe..huhu kalo ader class..aku kene naik 2 takes around 40 minute from my home huhu..tapi tube yg aku naik nih laju..dats why aku kate..kalo aku naik tube nih..cam2 aku bole terpikir..huhu banyak ilham datang mase naik tube nih laa..n macam2 ragam org bole jumpe..
class aku slalo stat 9.45 sampai laa pukol 5 huhu bayangkan laa bape jam aku dalam class n bape tajuk lec bole abis kan huhu mase awal2 tuh awal jugak laa aku datang class hehe tp lelame slalo jer datang lambat..tapi kat sini tak leh datang lambat sangat coz lec ajar mmg laju huhu susah kalo tertinggal hehe tp yg best nye..class kat sini tak banyak..kdg2 sekali seminggu kdg2 tade langsung..tapi pnah sekali tuh jadual aku..4 class dalam seminggu..siyes..pnat gle huhu weekend tuh mmg dah tak rupe org laaa haha
aku slalo bawak bekal..masak kat umah huhu chewah hehe nak jimat..tapi cafe tempat aku belajar nih..semue makanan yg die jual halal..tapi saving laa huhu tapi aku suke chicken n mashroom pastries die huhu sedap!! 1.2 pound…okey laa kalo nak makan kdg2 hehe
oo kolej aku..kaplan financial huhu dulu ftc huhu ader sebab die kalo korang blaja account korang tau laa nape haha nak berlagak sikit hehe n lec kat sini semue bgus2!! siyes coz diorg tau ape yg diorg ajar coz semue ade experienced..tapi malaysia punye lec pon bgus jugak..hehe tp kalo dapat lec yg accent british die kuat..huhu kene pasang telinge btol2 kalo tak..siyes ape yg di ajar tuh tak masuk huhu..
kolej aku nih..ramai gle org pakistan!! sangat ramai..huhu tapi korang jgn laa bayangkan pakistan yg kat malaysia tuh..dieorg semue handsome2..tak tipu! malaysia punye pakistan tak handsome hehe macam actor bollywood huhu n diorg semue sangat pandai n bersemangat..aku terkejut gak awal2 masuk class…ader jer bende yg diorg nak tanyr hehe n diorg punye english mmg superb! tak macam aku hehe n kadang2 tuh siap leh lawan lg ngan lec hehe..mmg rase kecik sangt laa tyme tuh huhu n diorg mmg peramah..
yg aku suke ttg kolej aku nih sebab..die ader tempat semayang..mmg tade probs laa pasal semayang nih huhu..n facilities die mmg sangat bgus huhu ape lg ek nak cite..
hah..kat sini ader la jugak budak melayu..lebey kurang dalam 20 lebey kot..ntah laa tak tau pon bape tuh laa kenkawan aku yg aku rapat hehe
dipendekkan cite aku happy jer ngan study aku kat sini..tade probs huhu tapi ader sekali tuh kan hehe aku datang class lambat hehe pastuh class dah penoh..aku carilaa tempat duduk kosong..lec tgh yg ader kosong tempat duduk depan huhu tapi kalo nak dok situ 2-3 org budak kene alihkan kerusi huhu so aku tunggu laa diorg alihkan kerusi..banyak kali aku cakap excuse me haha dah la kat depan mase tuh..diorg wat bodo n wat tak dgr jer n tak alihkan pon kerusi mmg aku tak leh laa duduk kat tempat tuh hehe malu gle aku..pastuh aku pon pg laa tempat belakang sekali hehe diorg nih..mmg kdg2 sengal sikit hehe tapi nak wat camne kan..sape suro aku dtg lambat hehe
tula cite aku pasal class n tempat belajar aku huhu..kdg2 diorg ader gak wat bowling tournament, laa jugak hehe sekarang pukol8.05pg..bru aku abiskan writing aku nih hehe
ok…to be continued huhu puas hati asma’? hahaahaha

life in uk part 3

hehe..ok..sambung balik cite aku yg tak abis nih…banyak nih nak cite..korank kalo bace..tgk salah ejaan tuh..wat dunno jele ek..aku malas nak edit balik…hurmm
after aku call mak aku…mak aku bg laa nasihat..macam2 die bg…mase tuh aku menangis jer sepanjang mase…sedey weh..n rindu gile nak balik malaysia..mase tuh aku pkir..ape la aku wat nih..menyusah kan family n btol2 cari masalah..elok2 dok kat uitm tuh..dgn makan free, tempat tinggal free..tapi stil..aku nak jugak g uk..tapi.mak aku cakap kat aku..die hantar aku g sini..die dah pk btol2..biar die susah sekarang..supaye die senang akan datang..OMG!! mase tuh..aku lg laa sedey huhu..tapi membuatkan aku bersemangat sikit..kalo tak..aku down gile!! iza n zaty..yg tgh tido tuh pon terbgn..diorg pujuk2 aku jgn nagis..hehe
besoknye..aku bgn dgn pnoh harapan..hurmm..pastuh aku ngn zaty g la cari jumaat mase tuh..kiteorg g satu tempat die canary wharf..lawa tempat tuh..cari punye carik tak jumpe jugak..pastuh..tbe2 aku ternampak restaurant nandos..nandos kat sini ader yg halal n ader yg tak halal..aku g laa masuk..tnyr ader keje kosong ker tak..pastuh manager tuh teros cakap ader n suro datang hari ahad pukol 3.15..terkejut gle aku mase tuh..korank bayangkan laa punye susah aku nak cari keje..sekali..aku masuk jer terus die suro aku datang training hari ahad..zaty cakap kat aku..kalo dah Allah nak bg rezeki..sekelip mate jer die bole bg huhu tapi aku kene pakai kasut hitam kalo g training hari ahad nih..hehe tapi masalhnye..dari malaysia aku bawak 2 kasut jer..dua2 tgh2 excited tuh..aku ngan zaty..g laa oxford circus..nak carik kasut hitam..hehe ingat nak beli cikai2 tbe aku terpikir..alang2 dah beli..baik beli yg btol2 punye kasut..disebabkan aku nih tade bwk langsung ladies shoe..aku pon beli laa kasut pompuan stail wedges huhu..tinggi aa jugak..ini laaa barang pertame yg aku beli kat london nih..harge..20 pound..mahal kan? hehe
hari ahad pon menjelme..aku kene naik tube nk g nandos tuh..zaty ngan iza temankan aku hehe aku tak sempat nak makan mase tuh..sampai jer kat tempat tuh..manager tuh terus bg aku 1 t-shirt..ntah bape org dah pakai pon aku tak tau..trainee punye shirt..n aku watlaa keje2 biase yg org slaloo wat..angkat pinggan tuh semue laa..dgn wedges kaler hitam hehe..tapi mase tuh..punyelaa ramai customer..ramai gle..sakit gle pakai wedges tuh..tapi aku wat dunno budak2 keje kat situ bgtau aku..keje btol2..buat jer macam ader keje..walaupon tade keje..aku ingat kan aku mmg dah dapat keje kat situ..bru aku tau..mmg stail dulu sehari without wages..kirenye baru laa aku tau..yg aku bukan dapat keje lg kat situ..3 jam aku keje kat situ..kaki aku mmg dah tak larat..customer plak mase tuh ramai gle..bile time training aku dah abis jer..aku terus jumpe manager tuh..nandos yg aku traing nih tak halal..manager tuh tnyr..aku nak makan pape tak..mintak je..korank tau ape aku mintak? hehe aku mintak fries ngan coselow jer huhu pastuh die kate nanti kalo die nak aku keje..die call..hurmmm aku pon balik laa..ya Allah mase tuh aku ingat nak bukak jer kasut tuh..nak jalan tak pakai kasut..sakit sangat2!! jalan pon dah tak btol..ape le aku nih ek hehe sampai jer umah..aku terus baring atas katil..hurm..dipendekkan cite..hehe aku tak dapat keje tuh..2-3 hari jugak laa aku tunggu diorg call..tak call2 pon hehe..pastuh baru aku tau..kalo style org2 uk nih..bile dah dapat training tuh mmg dah bgus sngt laa tuh..tapi yg pasti korank tak leh training suke2 hati..mase training tuh..korank kene put effort 130% kalo bole..sebab diorg nak tgk..korank nih mmg nak keje ker tak..hurmm bile aku tau.. aku dapat rase laa nape aku tak dapat keje tuh..1st..sebab aku gatal pakai kasut tinggi.sngt menyusahkan aku 2nd aku tak wat bersungguh2 pon..mild jer effort aku tak leh nak salahkan sape2 laa..tapi kalo aku tau aku keje letey camtuh tak dapat gaji hehe aku mintak ape yg aku leh mintak kat nandos tuh..rugi mintak fries jer..hehe tp aku sedapkan hati aku..maybe rezeki aku bukan kat situ kot..hmmm taktipu aku down laa jugak..tapi aku kuatkn semangat aku..n aku slalo keep in my mind..Allah tuh sangat Adil..n rezeki Allah ader kat mane2..bumi nih luas..aku dah tawakal kat aku yakin..satu hari nanti rezeki aku mesti ader punye..
ok..sambung part 4 plak ek hehe

life in uk part 2

2 minggu aku duduk london..aku jalan2 satu london..izzaty bawak..kiteorg g london eye,tower bridge n macam2 lagi laaa..mase tuh cak kagum jer..n kalo jalan2 mesti nak carik org melayu huhu..then bile masuk minggu ker 3 huhu ah start laa dugaan…
1st feb 08: isk risau nih..keje tak dapat2 lagi…dekat sini kalo nak mintak keje…kene bagi cv…macam resume laa..aku wat cv aku simple gle..pinjam laptop ware…huhu..dgr cite rase cam snang je nak mintak keje kat sini..tapi tak tipu!!! susah gle!! huhu..merate tempat aku cari keje..berpuluh2 kedai aku hantar cv..tapi tade sape pon reply..nak2 aku pakai tudung..kdg2 tuh bile tgk jer aku pakai tudung.terus kate tade vacancies..hurmmm..letey…duit habis kat transport jer..bayangkan la sekali pg cari keje je nak dekat 4 pound abis..tak larat…photostet cv lagi…10 pence..smele 70sen malaysia.mahal weh..pastuh paling aku tak leh lupe..mase aku g interview satu keje nih..utk catering..aku pg ngan iza,n zaty..lame jugak aku tunggu..pastuh dah isi2 borang..boss tuh cakap laa..kalo nak keje catering nih kene seragam..kalo sorang pakai tudung..semue kene pakai tudung..kalo sorang tak pakai tudung..semue tak yah pakai..pastuh boss tuh cakap..’ im muslim…but i think muslim should practise only at home..not when ure workin’ hurm….bile boss tuh dah cakap macam tuh..korank bole agak laa kan..maksud die…die mmg tak nak kiteorg keje le…mase tuh..frust sangat!! dah la lapo…nak kuar duit makan pon sangat berkire..aku kat sini jarang makan kat luar..saving duit…mase tuh rase cam give up gle!!
dah tak larat dah nak mintak keje.. mase tuh aku stil dok east ham lgi..kalo aku dok east ham dulu…tyme borink2 or tgh tension..aku suke main ngn anak2 land lord aku tuh…hilang sikit tension..tapi diorg nih kadang2 bukan leh di layan sangat hehe sebab kadang2 kalo aku letey nak tido..diorg ajak main…huhu name diorg tanya,shadid,raihan n tayba…dalam adik beradik nih…raihan paling comel!!! huhu comel gle!!
hehe tapi..aku slalo ajar diorg lagu melayu…utk tanya..aku ajar lagu tanya same pokok n ure my sunshine hehe kelakar gle dgr die nyanyi lagu tanya sama pokok huhu..sekarang nih..die dah hafal dah lagu ure my sunshine..tapi lgu tanyr sae pokok..aku yg tak sanggup nak ajar..buruk gle die sebut haha
masalah aku dok umah east ham nih sebab..maybe katil yg aku tido tuh katil lame…so katil tuh ader ‘bed bugs’..1st2 tuh aku bangun tido..pastuh tbe2 ader cam satu bite kat tangan aku..aku pelik jugak laa..kat london manede nyamuk..aku tanyr iza…iza pon tak tau…ingat ok lah..rupenye makin lame..makin melarat weh…banyak gle bed bugs nih gigit aku..gatal gle!! tak tipu..pnoh kat kaki n tangan..kalo kat kelas tuh aku dok garu jer huhu tak tahan..gatal sangat! pastuh aku beli satu ubat gatal nih..harge 4 pound..masetuh nak kuar 4 pound pon berkire huhu tapi sebab rase cam dah terok sangat..aku pon decide beli..tapi tak elok langsung ubat tuh..ader satu tyme tuh aku g pharmacy..ader org tuh cakap aku maybe kene scarbies huhu sumpah weh!! bukan scarbies hehe..pastuh akhirnye ubat yg kedua aku beli baru aku baik..tapi gatal die before tuh..ya Allah tuhan jele tau..kalo tido tuh..slaloo terbangun..huhu habis jugak laa duit aku seploh pound beli ubat bed bugs aku tuh..
ader satu tyme tuh..dah laa aku tak dapat keje..dah nak tgh bulan 2..pastuh ngan badan aku gatal2..aku cam tension gle!! aku sedey sangat mase tuh..pastuh aku pon semayang laaa…yele..kat sini kalo ader probs..nak refer kat sape lg kan..hurmm after i deed my prayer..i call my mummy..wawawa dgr jer my mum’s voice..aku terus nagis….sian mak aku..risau beno die..die ingat ader pape jd kat aku..tapi aku cakap kat mak aku..saje rindu huhu.tak nak mak aku risau..sedey sangat mase tuh..nasib baik kenkawan aku kat sini baik2.thanks iza n zaty cz being such a gewd frenz…

life in uk part 1

huh..dah lame nak wat blog nih..wanna share my experienced wif my frenz and all nih baru dapat chance…hurm tbe2 tergerak hati..welcome guys to my world…
KLiA-28 dec 07..rase cam tak percaye jer..slaloo hantar org sekarang org pulak hantar kite…Alhamdulillah..rezeki yg Allah bg nih..takkan aku persiakan…macam2 dugaan before pg nih..kdg2 wat aku terpikir.. btolker jalan yg aku pilih nih…kalo nak ikut sebnarnye..mmg aku sangat menyusahkan parents aku…tapi..mama ader kate..jgn pandang belakang dah..pandang depan..thanks mum…really love you!!! kadang2 hampir give up before nak pg tuh..dgn visa aku kene reject nye..surat ftc tak dapat nye.. kdg2 terpikir jugak..sign ker tuh..huhu tapi aku stil nak amik risiko..
realLY!! tyme kat klia nih is da moment i will never and ever erased from my mind..tak sangke kawan2 n family aku sanggup susah2 datang hantar aku..thanks so much!!! really appreciate it..sampai kan kakak yg keje kat klia tuh pon terkejut…ramai yg hantar..huhu sedeh dis moment..aku realize somethin..aku mmg dah tak bole nak patah balik dah bile aku dah naik kapal terbang..what will be..will be..and the only things i can do is..pray to Almighty..Allah…hurm…
28 dec-london…tak sangke..akhirnye aku dapat jugak jejakkan kaki aku kat london nih..mmg tak sangke..coz aku mmg nak sangat belajar kat oversea…start dari aku darjah 6 lg aku doa..supaye dapat belajar g oversea..Alhamdulillah..doa aku termakbul jugak..
sampai2 jr kat london tuh..kawan aku amik..siyes..aku sangat beruntung sebab ader kawan yg belajar kat uk..kalo tak..aku rase aku tak tau jd ape huhu sesat kat tgh2 bandar tuh huhu..n aku bersyukur gak cz aku dapat pg ngan iza..huhu my best buddy..hurm.. sekarang nih baru aku dapat clear view..ape sebenarnye maksud Alhamdulillah tuh..tapi life yg ade di hadapan..tak seindah ape yg kite bayangkan..siyes..lain gle dgn ape yg aku bayangkan before aku sampai kat london nih..
2 minggu pertame..mmg sangat bosan huhu..sebab tade entertainment..menghabiskan mase camtuh jer…siap menghitung hari lg bile nak besok huhu..1st tempat tinggal aku..east ham huhu..landlord aku mmg best!! sebab slalo bg aku makan free n slalo masakkan utk aku n iza..n anak2 die mmg sangat comel!!! hehe tapi aku slalo kene jage anak die sebab die busy jd suri rumah. tak sangke plak aku..seterok tuh keje jd suri rumah..die bangun paling awal n die tido paling lambat…sian aku tgk die..tyme tuh baru aku sedar..betape susah nye mak aku jage aku dulu..landlord aku tuh org bangladesh aku lelaki bangladesh ker pakistan ker atau mane2 negare islam selain dari malaysia..mmg sangt dominan..malaysia nih lain sikit..malaysia sangat terbuke n moden..ader baik nye n ader buruk nye..landlord aku tuh mmg meletakkn diri die mmg untuk family and husband die..dari pg sampai malam..ader jer yg die buat..
dok eastham best tapi..privacy tade..kene slalo pakai tudung n tak leh bawak kenkawn aku suke2 hati..n nak belajar susah..huhu..bile dah 3 minggu aku dok london..bermula laa dugaan aku….