Monday, 31 May 2010

air terjun~

uishhhh...its been 3 years since my last visit to waterfall~ i ve been waiting so long to get this opportunity to go to waterfall ever since i went back to Malaysia..but only last weekend i got that chance together with my schoolmate reunion~ i am sooo excited to go for the reunion..

what a blast day! everyone had finished their study and now waiting for a job..some getting skinny and some getting chubby hmm me perhaps? hehehe and to make it complete thanks to cik pah with her slr or so called expensive camera which i cant remember the series that's make everything become near to perfect! actually dayah,piah and me arrived quite late.. as always hehe so we missed the bbq part..i am really sure it must be really fun to watch them fighting or i can say merepek while start the fire and bbq..what a miss..

then after had all the food which are really delicious! plus the pizza made by dayah...kudos to her..even i ve been working at pizza restaurant for one year..i still feel not really confident to make the pizza here at Malaysia.. now our stomach really full! it is the time to play in the water..but for me..after waiting for three years i can say i am not really feel the satisfaction..maybe because i cant feel the water fall down to my head hehe as the water getting deeper to waterfall and even for my height my foot cant step on the as precaution better not to play with danger..

i dont know how to describe how joyful it is..but i can show it to you by all the pictures i upload..anyway....seriously all the caption for the picture write by cikpah was really funny and that makes it our relation getting closer..thank u too all and most thank you to the organizer! and i am sooo surprised with all the co operation and commitment gave by all the girls which some of them have seminar and paim actually just arrive from oz but still can manage to come to the event.. thank u for the souvenir from Oz! muuuahx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


i knew!! there have something wrong with my blogspot.. my blogspot lack of photo which i could share with..urgghhh it looks so dull but the fact is i am so lazy to upload photo.. i dont like to wait for about half an hour or maybe less just to upload a few photo.but I really Love and want to share with you guys =( and too bad because Internet network at my place are really really slow like a turtle or maybe snail....and im the one who doesn't really like to spend most of my time in front of laptop unless skyping hehe

hmm maybe after i can afford to buy slr..then it would be an exception for me from be a soooo lazy girl which i am already hehe.

one another thing that i like and i wish to have..taking photo and that slr thingy.. i really appreciate nature as what they are.. and i really love to kept whatever view..captured from my eyes safely inside the photo..for me and other people to that it can be as something to remember and a journey to share with..people always forgot and for me all the journey that we have been through is something that too valuable to forget..

just imagine when we look back all those photo..then we will start smiling,laughing and not a surprise if it also might make us cry..

you can see from the above picture the happiness and joyful. something that even i am not there..i can see how happy they are and this photo can be something that can be remembered if not me maybe someone among the people in that photo..for me we cant be selfish..sometimes we think any particular picture may not be important to us but don't forget there must be someone out there may think differently..

other example..ok let say i took a photo of Tugu Negara.for me maybe that photo is just a single photo..but how about the person who actually their grandfather or great grandfather or maybe their father who actually serve for the nation..surely something precious and honour for him rite?.do you get me? hehe i knew like long as u get what I'm trying to is more than satisfied for me..

actually that picture should be somewhere down here but i don't know how to re edit it back..hehe fyi..that is a photo of my office mate during bowling tournament. lucky me they put this photo somewhere in my i can copy and paste. hehe

ok..that's all at the moment..i will get back another time..have a bless day!!!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

thank you

im starving! and my mind so load with everything but that everything...huhu just stuck safely in my mind without a feel to do something...urgh wake up mind..please dont waste any i dream rite know i can be somewhere at the island..relaxing... seriously i really love travelling... but at the moment i need to work hard! really hard..otherwise i just can only dreaming..

hmm i dunno but i just feel like i wanna say something..

dear my Mr K..

i dunno about tomorrow or after..
but up to now..i am so thankful to have u in my life..
u always be there wherever and whenever i need you..
if not your physical..always be your support..
my pray to Allah..
hope for His blessing to this relation in this world and Hereafter..
it is kind very hard for me actually to write something very personal..
just wanna say Thank you to Mr K..
i really appreciate every single second with you..=)

Monday, 17 May 2010

new baby!

yeay!!! my family and i already got new baby~
after 2 decade 3 years live on this big big world..i can see a lot lot of things change.. it seems like everything just happened yesterday..but to stand still on the earth is not that easy..i cant say i am proud enough but for me what i have now is more than enough..
sometimes when Allah decide to give u 'rezeki'.. everything that u think is impossible will be possible.. try practicing solat Dhuha and surah Alwaqiah..insyaAllah rezeki sentiasa ada dan tak putus..

ok get back to my main point..huhuh im very happy and wanna share with you bout our new baby.. even it is not a very expensive or exclusive car like estima benz or whatsoever.. for me it have its own sentimental value which im not looking in terms of material context,but it is about how i can see the excitement and happiness from my mom's face,how more less i can contribute from my salary to pay for this car..and also it just remind me bout our life back to the good old days...Alhamdulillah

hmm..what a beautiful lifecycle..which God creates for His promised..I already miss to see my mom's excitement face..i wish i can have another chances to see it again but later..without using my mom's money at all~