Thursday, 15 December 2011

friday blues~

today i feel so tired.. i dont know why and where my energy goes.. my mum and aunts also told me that i always look tired when pregnant.. my mum keep reminding me to take vitamin c and protein.. but trust me.. i did! heee

anyway i just spend my whole day reading about labor and delivery experienced. so many stories and indeed it makes me nervous and seriously it always ended up with me burst into tears. rasa syahdu je baca experienced orang beranak nih.. owh my.. now i understand more less what all mums went through. I will share with you guys about my labor and delivery experience nanti kay.. do pray for me yeah .. your doa and pray is the greatest gift of all dear..

yes.. untuk pertama kali mengandung nih.. i do have a lots of questions in my mind.. about breastfeed, laboring process, antenatal class, suggested brand for all the babies item, what is the air selusuh and many2 more.. seriously you have to read a lot of articles about all this thing and ask other people around you. it is totally new and you will only learn it when you walk through this next phase of life. thats why people said experienced it the most valuable knowledge ever.

okay i have to take a deep breath.. i start to feel nervous.. and at the same time i feel so sentimental .. im so lucky to have the best family around me.. and i also feel sangat bahagia and bersyukur dengan my hubby.. you are the best and the greatest sayang..
helping me doing my daily chores, never complaint about my appearance and looks even though i know i am so close to get tittle macam minah indon huhu and taking care of me day night.. Alhamdulillah..

Anyway.. have you watch Ombak Rindu? big compliment to them.. i hardly watch malay movie in cinema because afraid it will disappoint me.. but this movie for me isn't like a typical malay movie. and i sangat impress dengan kemajuan filem malaysia sekarang..great!

p/s: i love this song! enjoy guys~

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

kisah mereka lagi dan lagi...

suatu hari ketika baru selesai bergotong royong untuk majlis perkhawinan Pn Z, dalam perjalanan balik:

isteri: bie.. alamak kite tertinggal handbeg la..
suami: nak pusing balik ker?
isteri: takpela.. karang mintak tolong Pn Z bawakkan..

isteri cuba menghubungi Puan Z.

Isteri: Z nanti jgn lupa bawak kan handbeg ek datang dewan tertinggal la..
Puan Z: Ok..


Puan Z: alamak lupa nak bawak handbeg..
Isteri: takpela besok amik kat rumah..

ketika berada di rumah Puan Z

Isteri: Z kay la ek.. nak balik.. karang jumpa.. tak sabar! hehehe
Puan Z: jgn lupa amik hand beg tau
Isteri: hehee ok.. tak lupa..

isteri pon amik handbeg...

bertolak balik ker rumah bersama suami..

sampai di rumah..

isteri: eh bie.. mana henset kite ek...
suami: cuba call

call handphone....

Suami Puan Z: hello... ye puan E...adoi.. dah amik handbeg tinggal henset pulak huhu.. dah agak dah!

isteri: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. nnt tolong passkan kat sape2 ek


once upon a time

owh my... once upon a time.. when i still at my ideal weight and so do hubby hehe hanging around with my lovely cousins. i miss them! owh cousins.. lets hang around or perhaps we need a holiday trip!

things get really busy at the moment.. need to finalize the audit account, just finished with grand launching for our flagship cafe Coffee Planet!!! and also got a pile of paper on my table to be sorted out!

time flies so fast.. i am now 5 month pregnant. baby start kicking and rocking.. owh sometimes i just cant wait till the baby pops out! last weekend i went to pureen warehouse clearance with my mom...please don't ask how much i spend that day haha .. things just get crazy with everything offered at really good price.. so much things to update.. but time doesn't allow me to write it now. no worries will find sometime to do that. but tell you.. i almost faint at the warehouse clearance sale. 1st time ever.. literally! maybe because of the weather or overcrowd. Alhamdulillah nothing happened =)

2011 almost reach to the end and welcome 2012!! hopefully everything will run smoothly and goes better.. better.. and better.. weeeee!