Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

2 days to go for 2011.. what an awesome year end celebration for malaysian people after won the AFF Suzuki Cup...proud to be Malaysian! and our PM has been declared dat 30th December will be public holiday! wooot wooot double happiness! hehe

Lots lots of thing happened through out the year..and now...countdown to new Resolution need to be listed down... will be very busy with everything! cant wait! live life
to the fullest!!! yeah!

Whatever it is.. hopes that everything will flow smoothly throughout the year 2011! its meant a lot to me this new year! what an excellent beginning woot wooot triple happiness insyaAllah=). Dear Allah..permudahkanlah segala urusan kami..Amin

Happy New Year Everybody!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

some people are lucky..

i hate when thinking bout my future which is soo uncertain! at first when i was 19-20 years old i thought that i am ambitious.. everything look so promising.. with better education and life plan.. i know what i want and what i dont.. and sometimes i am one step ahead comparing to others but life isnt that easy..and kite merancang Tuhan yang menentukan.

I dont know why.. but now i feel a bit lost..lost way from my exact direction.. i even cant plan my life next to 6 Month..

when u reach to the age of 23... there is so much thing will comes around your mind..
need an establish career, how much salary you aim, when will u purchased your 1st house , how to earn extra income and so on... that makes me feel a bit down.. i cant even answer any one of that..

i lost that determination... hmm.. it makes me so stressful.. some people are lucky.. born with fortune, very good brain and got decent life.. but then i realized ... what ever i am now.. be Thankful and some people might put more effort than me that makes them deserve that life.. so dont blame yourself..i am trying to get back to my direction.. hopes everything goes fine..