Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A day without particle of w.a.s.t.e~

Hi everybody! hehe yes im posting something soooo yesterMONTH..
anyway i went to Terengganu for weddin
g ceremony cannot+remember+when+but+obviously+weekend+around2011... huhu and 1st time ever naik malaysia coach which i can say much much much better than traveling by flight! no surprise.. i am loving it! waaa best2!
I spend 2 nights on the road and 1 co
mplete day without wasting any second of it.. helping my fiancé's aunt preparing for the wedding ceremony and in the evening we spend our time makan keropok losong. yummy..

then i realize something.. if you u
se your time wisely without wasting any second of it..trust me it is really worth! that 24 hours God grant to us actually are more than enough to do any simple good deeds..and you can do a lot of things within that 24 hours. you may be a bit tired but its all worth! just imagine.. i spend that 2 nights on the road and one complete day at Terengganu and i still have Sunday to have a rest..

lets check out my day at terengganu!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

saya rindu nak berbaju sekolah~

Waaaaaaa! saya rindu berbaju sekolah..
baju sekolah buatkan saya rase muda..

baju sekolah ingatkan saya berjalan membawa beg garfield
budget nakal dan slalu kene denda
study sama2 g
ossip sama2
ingatkan saya berlari dari surau ke asrama..
merepek2 tanpa memikirkan masalah negara..
makan2 tanpa pikirkan risiko gemok..

tido dalam kelas main time prep

saya rindu kawan2 saya..

kawan suka kawan duka..
bergaduh bermesra menjadi lumrah..
saya rindu kenangan itu!

ini sekolah kesayangan saya...


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

27 Feb 2011

happy birthday to me! happy birthday to me! happy birthday to esma nawal! happy birthday to me! heheheh im singing this original happy birthday version for myself... haha! sometimes u cant imagine how a song that keep repeating the same verse can be so evergreen and popular ait?

other examples...london bridge is falling down..falling down...falling down...lalala...

anyway just wanna update to you how is my birthday celebration was going on heeee.
some people dont really like celebrate their birthday.. reason why???

1. birthday remind you that ure getting older..
2.bad things happened on their birthday perhaps T_T
3.one of my friend said..birthday just remind him about time that already passed and wasted.
4.some people born with 'celebrating birthday is not part of family culture or tradition'..
5.or else..it just a day..tuesDAY...monDAY...friDAY..

ME??? haha! no issue at all! even its a sign of me getting a year older.. im very thankful because still have this chance to live my life up to today.. just imaging in one year there are so much things you can do.. sometimes in life we have to learn by lesson..we fell today and get up for tomorrow..
and birthday celebration also can be a reason for people to gather ,enjoy and makan2! also..for the birthday girl or boy to get present! hehe its only once a year!

ok..how i celebrate my birthday... alkisah.. my fiancé plan a surprise hmm not really a party.. something sort of surprise makan2 at Gardens the curve with my beloved cousins and friends..
haha u can get an award of best actor and ila,tika can get best supporting actress of the year! then after makan2 we watched i am no 4!
then on Sunday we went to PD as what my fiancé's mission is to fulfill part of my wish list as his birthday present.. haha syg..u just romantic in your own way.. together with ila, tika, izza, mama,aunty liza,juan,abg,nad, pijan. owh what a day..really enjoying it and i get sunburn all over my body...anyway thanks to everyone and especially you for the birthday celebration! really appreciate it! xoxo!

birthday present from mama!