Monday, 5 October 2009

malaysia oh malaysia

its been a week im at malaysia..huhu no pogress..just hang out with all my dearest friends and enjoying all the malaysian authentic foods!! yummy after almost 2 years im away from malaysia atmosphere..pasar malam..lepak2.. official job is suri rumah sepenuh mase huhu doing same chores everyday..wake up in the morning..take care or my dad..sapu baju..and whatsoever...really bored..everyone are busy ryte now..all my frenz and cousin busy preparing for their upcoming exam and me...i just wasting my tyme without doing nothing..not ready to start working..neither study.hoho..
hmm i just miss my old life in london..busy with everything without realising that clock ticking very fast..i knew its not that easy to work and study at the same tyme..but now.. that is what i missed so much..huhu
that life is not that hard..but dunno why..when im at malaysia now..i really feel sorry to 'them' who work in london so hard day nite ..but actually the environment is totally different comparing malaysia and london... you will think that working from 11.00am - 12.00 pm is very2 difficult and tiring if u are in malaysia..but different things happens if ure in london..
so much things are different..dunno how to describe..but it is different! hehe maybe in london u have to learn how to survive on your own..comparing live in ur own country..whatever it is..i learn a gewd lesson..hope im not just wasting it...

hmmm...continue later..short of idea...gewdnite malaysia n gewdnite london!!