Tuesday, 30 March 2010


arrrrghhh..i hate this feeling....please go way...please...
i hate it.. i hate it............
please please please...

toll+ membebel

oryte..hmmm yesterday while i was driving back to home ..about 200-300 meter before reach at federal highway toll counter..i can see 2 lane for tounch and go users..1 lane is shorter than 2nd lane..when my car getting nearer i need to choose either the 1st or 2nd lane...within that short period of time.. i decided to line up at the 1st lane.. i was thinking it is more quicker than the other but it appears to be the lane that i choose was stuck and not moving. it takes few minute before it start moving back. while the other lane..was moving faster and the car which was next to me at the other lane already pass the toll counter..while waiting for my turn....something came up in my mind..it was about decision making...

somehow when i decided to choose the 1st lane..which i thought it will be quicker actualy doesnt seem like what i expected...same goes when making decision in the real life...sometimes all the decision me made gave us high impact and big consequences..we always put certain level of hopes and expecting it goes like what we expected..but sometimes it just turn out to be an adverse results..

I am the eldest in my family and since i was 13..i went to boarding school..so i am more independent and my mom always give me a freedom to make my own decision..
managing my own money..field of study that i want to continue after spm..and many more...and since my dad sick..as the eldest i also took part in making decision together with my mom about everything in the house..including my sister'education planning and other else..there is a big responsible on my shoulder and i admit sometimes decision i made turn to be wrong...then i need to deal with the outcome of the wrong decision..

hmm..there is plenty of option that we can choose..and we as a human tend to make decision based on physical judgement..what i mean is what eyes can see...then we hope it will goes better somehow or other.. but then suddenly it appears to be an adverse results.. and impact of this adverse results..some people will suffer...some will regret...some will deal with it and take as a life lesson..some will keep blaming others and some will take it as a responsible..its all up to you...which way u want to choose to deal with..we are not perfect..and never be perfect..so we cant hiding from the fact that we always make mistake.. it just a matter of how we deal with the outcome of the decision we made

hehehe...sorry i knew it sounds so serious...just need something to write about..and as for reminder..for me and for you=)

peace no war!!!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

to Tuk Din

hehe..im sorry Tuk din because of the late update... I knew i didnt update my blog quite a long time...It takes some times for me to adapt with my new life...hehe anyway..dont give up visiting my blog okay..i heard that your business now going very well..congratulations from malaysia for your achievement!! gewd gewd.. im proud to be ur ex staff! hehe anyway i missed you and all Tuk Din's Restaurant members...please convey my regards to all of them..

attention to everyone who might be reading this post..do come to Tuk Din's Restaurant if you visiting London..you can find a variety of Malaysian authentic foods which are very scrumptious and mouth watering!!!! it just near to paddington station!

psst psst: i heard now ure in a progression of training new people in your restaurant..please keep your eye on and make sure mr K not gatal2 ek huhu for me... please be on my side Tuk Din!!!! huhu

with love:

Friday, 26 March 2010

life route~

we are not angle..we are human..people can change..hmm how far this statement are true...depends on human itself..sometimes u tink u already meet the chosen one..but 1 or 2 years later everthing change..i always think this thing happened just to be as a reason ..to complete ur life route which already written towards the end..

u cant go through ur life and simply get whatever you want. otherwise u will never learnt..eventhough i admit that accepting the truth is sometimes can be really hurt..but that is what we call qada' and qadar..finally after all the hardest thing u went through..
u will smile..thankful with what u get and what u have although not all people are lucky as you..but maybe later their time will come..maybe here or hereafter..

we always hope our life will be filled up with happiness,successful,posperity and love..what else could be asked for..it is more than enough..but then after God grant us with all this 4 in package..then we still asked for more..

sometimes without we realise..we already get what other people will dying to get for it.. then we still keep praying to get better more and forget to say Alhamdulillah..

and sometimes to get what we want..just to make ourself happy,satisfied,cheer up,succesful,rich and so on ...other people have to sacrifice...either we realise or not..it is a matter of appreciation..it happened to all of us..

actually i dont know what is my point actualy..just something to muse on..for me and for all of you..without pointing to anyone...

im sorry while i am walking along my life route...i have done something wrong with all of you people...im sorry while crawling to acheive my needs ..i hurt you people...thank you coz helping me crawling..running...walking towards my life route...thank you...thank you to all of you people...

Thursday, 25 March 2010

phone call~

i never really wait for a phone call till yesterday...for about an hour..waiting for this phone call makes me really feel uncomfortable to do anything..i just stared at my phone anxiously..this phone call can really change everything..

2pm: yes!! my break time...i planned to go to the bank to put a sum of money in my ASB account but i need to take out the money from my mom's bank account 1st.after that i went to the officer incharged and asked for waiting number..'bang nak number..nak masuk duit asb'...and then that brother said to me..why dont you do fixed deposit every month by this programme promotion by ASB & maybank venture? it is really worthwhile dik...why dont you sit there and let me explain briefly about this programme to you..

i kind of interested with it and since it doesnt cost me money for listening..so i just followed him to his table..then the explanation went on..15 minute went by..after throughly explaination ,question and answer..then the officer asked me..so sis..how is it? do you interested?

As a accounting student..obviously i need to apply all the knowledge that i have learnt about this investment and interest thingy bla bla to ensure my investment is worthwhile or not..

so..bring with this so called profesional behaviour i answered to him..oryte..let me think 1st..anything i will give you a call..and oh sir..can i have another number waiting please..

2.30..oryte everything settle already..now its time for me to rethinking about the investment and also time for me to calculate my cash flow in and out..

3.00..after deeply calculating all the numbers and figures with bunch of mini statement and receipts..suddenly i remember something...oh my god where i put my mom's atm card?

i quickly open my bag and throw everthings out and search every compartment i have.. look for this atm card...its missing!! what i should do now?..im dead..my mom surely will get upset with me..

without taking a lot of time..i asked my manager's permission to go back to the bank..2 possibility in my mind..

one.. i forgot to take my card from ATM cardmachine or second..while listening to the officer about that investment thingy..it just slip somewhere..oh my God..why on earth i should listen to the officer bout that investment thingy if i know that i dont have any intention to invest it..

unfortunately it wasnt there...so dissapointed...i went to the counter and asked for the helpline number.so that i can close the card from any transaction...

4pm.. after gave all the information needed..now the bank already close the card..i really felt anxious in case all the moneys gone...IT IS MY MOM'S MONEY NOT MINE!!

oryte..now second thing to do..with hope that my mom is in a good mood..i called her and asked her to make a card replacement..obviously i cant do anything since that is not my card...otherwise i will definitely replace the card on my own so that my mom will not aware that her card is missing hehe..oh my God seriously cant wait till tommorow to find out whether the money is still there or gone astray....

mom..please call me back after you settle everything yeah..please please..i am really worry...

'taupon..clumsy sangt..ish ema nih' mum replied..

15minute...no phone called...30 minute...still not ringing..i cant be patient anymore...i called my mum..and ask her how is it...she said that she's still waiting for her turn...hmm okey mum..please call me back yeah...

now...after almost an hour waiting..with doa without missed from my mouth..finally..phone ringing....

'Ema..oryte...dont worry..the money is still there' Alhamdulillah!!!! waa!! syukur nikmat!!!!! Amin!!! ..

u will think that i am so clumsy rite? huhu okey..moral of the story...dont think anything else when u are in the bank..

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Do you think that u can foresee your day up to the end of day whether it will turn to be a gewd or not??

for me its all up on how you start your day early in the morning..usually when it happens that u have a miserable morning..it will drag along to whole of ur day..it happened to me sometimes..

let me give u an examples

sometimes i woke up late and became so selekeh,so sleepy and lazy to go to work..usually i will start my way to damansara at 7.45 morning and will arive 15 or 30minute to 9am..just nice..but when it appears to be that day is my bad day..there will be a very heavy traffic jam..or sometimes all the way of my journey people keep honking at me whether because the driver just being rude and have no manners or maybe because of my own fault hehe ..
then after i arrived at my office.. out of nowhere..loads loads of work to do waiting for me..and comes in package..my account become imbalance or there is some figure i missed to calculate and i have to search all over again... and again on my way back to home i stuck in the middle of extraordinary traffic jam..so it appears to be my bad day..

but today happend to be that i woke up early but my mom woke up late..so as a considerable and responsible daughter..i helped my mom ironing her baju kurung.anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY mummy!! may have a gewd and bless one huhu

it just a fine morning..but i am so damn sleepy..my eyes feel very heavy even to blink.but i need to stay focus on the road.it is so dangerous..i just think that i want to arrive quickly so that i can sleep for a while..after 40 minute journey..i arrived at my workplace and troy to find a place to park my car..found one! now i already park my car...just need to adjust a little bit...i looked from my rear mirror there is proton iswara behind..i was about to reverse my car and at the same time be aware to watch my distance from proton iswara..suddenly..DUM!! i accidently collide with something..i was so shock and shivers. i really sure that car is still far behind.. the only things came on my mind that time was how much that i need to pay to compensate for a broken car..

then i went out from my car and looked behind..hmmm as a matter of fact..my car collide with MPPJ parking meter.. it hit my rear side of car 'kemek and lampu pecah' .i cant really see the parking meter though..maybe because it is in blind spot areas..

i checked the meter in case it broken down or something..'karang kene saman ngn MPPJ satu hal plak'..nothing happened Alhamdulillah..just need to clean up any evidence that i might left behind..thank to CSI coz teach me more less knowledge about that evidence thingy..

Hmm what if..it happened to be that the MPPJ meter broke down and all the coin scatter all over..huhu what i should do with that coin huh?..let it be just a question without an answer..that is how i start my day today..hopefully it just end there without drag to end of day...thankfully that accident doesnt involve with anyone's car..Alhamdulliah..

whatever it is...start your morning with doa and always think positive=)


ok now im more excited to writesomething in my blog after do a make over !
really dunt have things to do at my workplace..uhuk...
oryte..just wait and see...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

10 ways...

this is 10 ways how to improve yourself to be a better person based on my point of view:

1.you must improve you english speaking and writing if you plan to become ceo or top level of management
2.complete your whatever higher qualification other than degree
3.always read newspaper in job recruitment advertisement so that u can get a clear view about current market requirement exspecially from big company
4.try to learn more then 2 language
5.well prepare during your interview
6.learn from other people,aware of surrounding and think wisely
7.apply whatever knowledge that you have learnt in your real life
8.always think positive and be patient
9.be creative how to improve yourself dont just wait for something drop down from the sky
10.pray..thankful and ikhlas in whatever you do..exspecially your work..

lets together trying to improve ourself to be a better person!! chaiyoo!

Friday, 12 March 2010


ok i just realize that i have only 2 post including this one in 2010 up to march..and..i can describe my self as a boring girl after i realise that i like to use a word LIFE almost everypost i wrote!!..so sastera! oh my god..cant accept the fact that i am so typical and so sastera..and now i get myself into dis unethically behaviour writing blog in the middle of working period!!!
so cannot be accepted~ jbncjksnibfin cisbfibvwifnakbnahdoncisbhfuise

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Its march

its march already!!! I'm sorry blog spot cause put u in a place of ignorance.. hmm i cant say that I'm too busy..but too tired to spend time writing and thinking can be accepted.. i just start working in accounting field..sometimes it quite enjoyable but sometimes a bit bored when u have to key in all the data n spend most of your time in front of computer.

hmm for me working and studying are 2 different life..totally different..
when u enter a working life..u have to be prepared mentally and physically exspecially 2-3 weeks from the 1st day u start working.. the stage that u need to push yourself mingle with ur workmate, cope with traffic jam and force yourself to wake up in the morning everyday.

I'm the one who is very hard to get along with new friends..even though all my friends said that i am very talkative it takes me a while to mix with new people and surrounding.i dunno why but for me it is very hard to start a conversation with new friends. really feel awkward but don't worry it only takes a few days hehe after that u just hoping that i can shut my mouth for sometimes..hehe so the conclusion is just be prepared and show the best of yourself to get gewd impression. like myself..1st impression from my workmate is I am very serious hehe too bad huh?

secondly, the major different between study and working life are relationship between u and ur friends..it is quite difficult to bring ur relation with ur workmate to the next level we called friendship.. everyone have their own life with different range of age,most of them already married and some of them have their own circle of friends. people tend to be more serious..what a boring life..hehe but certain cases it might be difference..

and final point..try not to be a subject or topic of gosip among ur workmate.because its better for u to make friends rather than enemy.story spread very easy.so try to create good environment and live ur life happily without tenses..