Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The man called husband

hello dear.. i am 100% confident that each one of you must be wondering with whom you will get married with in the future right? me too! but i am very lucky because God already gave me the answer and much much thankful to have him in my life and literally i always wonder how can i live without him in my life=)
Thank you dear because be a great husband to me!

I married with a man who was studied at the same university with me and working in the same field as well.. both of us love numbers.. hmm i guess so.. since everyday we were talking about numbers and to be specific numbers printed on the paper called money haha..

we also working at the same area in shah alam.. our office are very close.. like 3 minute walking perhaps? every morning we will go to work together , lunch together and go back together..
i have to wake up early so that my husband can arrive at his office sharp at nine.. well you know me- the girl who is really hard to wake up early in the morning and in fact my working hours are more flexible comparing with my husband.. but with him.. i be a very good employee coming sharp at nine an sometimes 5-10 minute earlier weeeeee! maybe my boss can increase my KPI's score for that heeee

have you ever wonder what happened if you married with the man who have same working field as you? heee let me give the list of scene that might occur.. please note that in my situation we are in the same accounting field..

scene no 1:

me: tgh gosok baju- bie awak punya company buat this that this that kan?
husband: tgh tgk tv- aah..
me: bape ek margin korang amik
husband: ikutlah tgk cost ape semua
me: cost of sales tinggi ker? boleh untung banyak ker ek
husband: kite punya cost kite campur sekali bla bla bla and bla

scene no 2:
kat kedai makan:

me: alamak kite tak buat lg la surat this that and that
husband: yeke..
me: awak ada copy tak?
husband: ada.. nnt kite email kat awak ek
me: thank you

scene no 3:

dekat shopping mall

me: awak agak kan berapa agaknya dia mark up ek untuk barang2 nih
husband: aah kan.. tapi tak tahulah bape
me: boleh untung ker?
husband: boleh la kot.. kalo tak camne diorg leh jual

scene no 4:

gaji masuk

husband: ok jom kite list down kan duit nih nak g mana mana and mana
me: ok bulan nih nak beli tuh nih tuh nih
husband: aik mana pg ek baki sekian sekian dan sekian
me: eh awak tau kan skrg kene naikan kwsp 13 percent
husband: bile ek start?....

scene 5:
husband: eh camne ek kite nak naikkan profit kat sini situ sini.. ada idea tak?
me: awak buat la camni.. tambahkan kat sini kurang kan kat situ
husband: kalo kite wat camni nak besarkan scale leh tak
me: boleh jugak

and the rest scene also about numbers and untung rugi haha! That is what happened when both of you working in the same field. but i just love it.. we can share many things to help each other since everyday are the learning phase for everyone=)


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